Discover the new MEININGER hotel in Bremen

Bremen, a German river city full of history and fairy tale-like atmosphere! 

Bremen is the capital of the Free Hanseatic city of Bremen, the smallest German Bundesland, and is situated in Northern Germany on the Weser River. The city is most known through the tale of the Brothers Grimm “Town Musicians of Bremen” and you can find a statue of its four main characters—donkey, dog, cat and rooster— in front of the city center.

The old Town Hall will mesmerize you with its Gothic and Renaissance buildings and the statue of the knight Roland. Here takes place not only the popular Christmas Market but also Bremen’s famous Freimarkt, a folk fair that attracts millions of tourists every year. You can also walk through the Schnoor Quarter and feel the medieval spirit of the 15th century buildings, contemplate the river from the Schlachte promenade – which offers numerous restaurants and beer gardens – or enjoy the many museums and the original expressionist architecture of the Böttcherstraße. Bremen is a city that breathes history from every corner. 

discover the MEININGER hotel in Bremen
Bremen, Germany

Where to stay in Bremen? 

The answer is easy: at our newest hotel in Germany – MEININGER Hotel Bremen Hauptbahnhof. Our hotel in Bremen is conveniently located next to the new long-distance bus terminal and just a few minutes’ walk from the city’s main train station. You won’t have any troubles accessing both local and long-distance public transport. From this location you can also reach the old town after 15 minutes of walking. The area around the hotel is surrounded with restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities—such as the shopping center City Gate. 

Everything you need to know about the design of MEININGER Hotel Bremen Hauptbahnhof 

The interior design of the new hotel reflects the cultural characteristics of the Hanseatic city. You will find rooms that hint at Bremen’s most popular themes, such as the “Town Musicians of Bremen”, the long shipping tradition and urban graffiti street art. Add to it the modern outlook of the common rooms with the unique light concept and you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Kai Ratschko, our architect, will tell you more about interior design! 

M: Please introduce yourself. 

KR: I’m an Architect. Founder and owner of Architekturbüro Ratschko. Before studying architecture I was shipbroker. Also co-founder and board member of the Gröninger Hof cooperative, which aims at innovative project and real estate development. 

M: What are your first 3 associations with the city of Bremen? 

KR: Werder Bremen, Stadtmusikanten, Bremer Llyod.  

M: What was the main inspiration for the MEININGER Hotel Bremen Hauptbahnhof design? 

KR: The cruise liner of the roaring Twenties (Bremer Lloyd) // EG, Mezzanine, the Rap Cypher (Bremen based Battle Rap) // Staircase to Basement, Basemen and the Esel, Hund, Katze, Hahn (Bremer Stadtmusikanten) // Guestrooms, Corridors.  

M: How would you describe the hotel in 3 words? 

KR: Surprisingly – nice – for everybody.  

M: What is your favorite part of the hotel in Bremen? 

KR: A place by the window with a tea and a croissant, overlooking the (upcoming) lively bus station.  

M: What is the best thing about this new MEININGER hotel? 

KR: The public areas are attractive, flexible and inviting at all times of the day.  

Visiting Bremen soon?

Bremen is a charming and historic riverside port city with UNESCO World Heritage status. Our hotel is attached to Bremen Hauptbahnhof and next to the new central bus terminal, just 1 km from the Old Town with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bremer Rathaus and the Roland statue, among other major attractions in this Gothic city.

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