Lea Hajner

Let’s be FESCH! A FESCH’MARKT Close Up

While it’s not unusual for people to queue up for beer, it does seem a bit unusual to queue up in front of a brewery. Yet this is a phenomenon that is known to occur at least twice a year in Vienna, and it’s the usual suspects that are responsible: the crew of the FESCH’MARKT design market, that has picked this extraordinary spot to host one of the freshest events in the city.

Hiking packing list with tips and tricks

When it comes to the question of what the perfect footwear for hiking looks like, opinions differ. Some insist that it has to go above the ankle while others prefer their shoes more airy and light. But no matter what shoe you pick, the most important thing is that it’s been worn in before you hit the mountains for several hours. After all, nothing can spoil the fun of hiking faster than a blister.

Montana & Oregon – An All-American Road Trip

So here we stand, tired and carrying our heavy luggage. It is only minutes to midnight at the car rental counter at Spokane Airport, Washington State. We arrived on the last flight in, our last flight on the very long trip to get here: including a stopover in Chicago, it took us a total of three days. But now we are ready. We finally get the keys to our rental car, which feels much like receiving the keys to our future – at least for the next three weeks.

Night in White – An Austrian Igloo Adventure

It is a Saturday like no other: my friends and I have decided to do something different this weekend. Instead of a boozy night out in Vienna, we’ve signed up for an igloo building workshop, to spend the weekend in the mountains just an hour outside of Austria’s capital and reconnect with nature. The workshop, conducted by the Austrian Alpine Club, is one of their weekend winter seminars.