Maxi Beigang

Required Reading “Style Me Vintage: Home” by Keeley Harris

The term vintage, originally used to describe good wine and cars, soon came to describe fashion and music from previous decades, and is nowadays synonymous with high quality and classic design, becoming almost omnipresent in fashion magazines worldwide. But unlike clothing, vintage furniture doesn’t need to fit you – everyone can buy it – and you cannot simply find it just anywhere.

Vintage is the new modern

Vintage – a synonym for original clothing from past decades – as well as the so-called retro fashion – new clothes that resemble previous fashion styles in design or cut – have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. And that is not only in the trendsetting districts of big cities. Right at the edge of Berlin’s Scheunenviertel Franziska Kühne will make every vintage and retro fan’s heart beat faster. As a tailor and founder of the retro label Marlenes Töchter, she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

Hops and cherry beer

Few things are generally agreed upon in the Belgian country of controversy. But that Belgium is a land of beer and that the capital of Brussels is an exciting reflection of the domestic beer culture is not up for debate anywhere in the kingdom. With more than 500 kinds of beer – from the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ to the ‘Delirium Tremens’ – Belgium has preserved its medieval brewing traditions, which means that the joyous juices sometimes taste as sophisticated as wine and at other times are as sparkly as champagne.