Fun Facts Copenhagen

6 Fun Facts About Copenhagen You Should Know

When you think about Copenhagen first things which crosses your mind are for sure: expensive, design, hygge, the happiest people, rainy and windy weather.. Yes Copenhagen is all that and more. Copenhagen is a perfect weekend getaway destination, it’s big enough to explore it over the weekend and not to get tired. We wanted to share some facts about this wonderful city before you start exploring it. Keep reading and learn more about Denmark’s capital city in 6 Fun Facts Copenhagen!

#1 Cycling, cycling and some more cycling

55% of Copenhagen residents commute by bicycle. Cycling is huge in Copenhagen despite the bad weather, maybe that’s why all the residents of the Copenhagen are so pretty (they all look like models!).

Fun Facts Copenhagen

#2 Freetown Christiania

Copenhagen has a self-governing town inside the city itself. Christiania, the freetown city has around 1,000 residents, they don’t pay taxes and run the ‘freetown’ according to their own laws, they are getting their income by selling marijuana, which about this city is most famous for.

#3 The Longest Pedestrian Shopping Street in The World

Can you believe that Copenhagen has the longest pedestrian shopping street in the world? On the street Strøget you will find plenty of international and local brands. Danes are very famous for its design, some of the Danish shops you could check on Strøget: HAY House, Royal Copenhagen, Illums Bolighaus, Georg Jensen, Mads Nørgaard, Piligrim.

Fun Facts Copenhagen

#4 Amusement Park in The City Center

Yep, Copenhagen has the amusement park in the heart of the city. Tivoli Park is perfect place for family travelers, kids will love it here. The rides at Tivoli are old-school, the oldest roller coaster is over 100 years old! This is definitely the most charming amusement park you’ll ever visit.

#5 Danes love their coffee

Danes are the seventh biggest coffee consumers in the world, which explains why they have so many great coffee places. Try some of these coffee spots, you will not be disappointed: Atelier September, The Coffee Collective, Sonny, Prolog Coffee Bar or Cub Coffee Bar!

Fun Facts Copenhagen

#6 Best Restaurant in The World

Noma in Copenhagen is rated as the world’s best restaurant. Chef Reneé Redzepi is representing the “new Nordic” cuisine which focuses on local and seasonal ingredients. Most popular Noma dishes include hay-smoked quail eggs, foraged herbs, and sea urchin with hazelnuts.

Fun Facts Copenhagen: FAQs

What are some common perceptions of Copenhagen?

When people think of Copenhagen, they often consider it expensive, known for its design, hygge, happiness, and its rainy and windy weather.

How prevalent is cycling in Copenhagen?

Cycling is huge in Copenhagen! 55% of its residents commute by bicycle. It's a big part of the city's culture, even in bad weather.

Can you tell me about Freetown Christiania?

Absolutely! Christiania is a self-governing town within Copenhagen itself. It has around 1,000 residents who don't pay taxes and run the place by their own laws. One of its main income sources is the sale of marijuana.

Is there a shopping street worth checking out in Copenhagen?

Definitely! Copenhagen boasts the world's longest pedestrian shopping street, Strøget. There you'll find a mix of international and local brands, including renowned Danish shops like HAY House, Royal Copenhagen, and more.

Is there an amusement park in Copenhagen?

Yes, there's Tivoli Park right in the heart of the city. It's great for families, and some of its rides, including an old-school roller coaster, are over 100 years old. It's one of the most charming amusement parks you'll come across.

Do Danes love coffee?

Absolutely! Danes rank seventh in the world for coffee consumption. Copenhagen has numerous excellent coffee spots like Atelier September and The Coffee Collective.

Is there a notable restaurant in Copenhagen?

Yes, Noma in Copenhagen is considered the world's best restaurant. Led by Chef Reneé Redzepi, it represents the "new Nordic" cuisine, emphasizing local and seasonal ingredients.

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