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Neighbourhood guide: Vesterbro Copenhagen

We live in Vesterbro and we love it here. It’s a mix of many different things & people, and there’s always something exciting happening – and that’s the feeling you get walking around. The neighbourhood is an ex working-class area, current cultural melting pot, and one of the hippest parts of Copenhagen. It’s an up and coming neighbourhood, in constant development. According to some rumors, it’s also the most expensive housing area in Copenhagen. And – psst – it’s also a so-called ‘hipster’ place (whatever that is!..).

Here are some of our favorite places to hang out in Vesterbro. It changes from week to week; but this list is pretty timeless.

1. Central Hotel & Cafe

The tiniest – literally – café in Copenhagen. There’s probably space for 2 people in it, and there’s a 1-room hotel on top of it. It’s not the most practical, but it’s just lovely. Highly recommended, they serve a good Banana split.

2. Wedofood

A modern-time healthy eatery with salad as a main dish – but man, what a salad! Very consistent, does well both for a lunch or dinner, and you get to choose your own ingredients, from spinach, to edamame, to quinoa. Very friendly staff, too.

3. Neighbourhood Pizza

We absolutely love this place. It serves the most modern looking pizza you will ever see. It’s organic, green and doesn’t look much like a typical pizza, but that’s what makes it exciting. Not to mention its crispiness. You can top it off with a (organic) cocktail. Our favorite pizza is the Pumpkin sausage. Try it & you won’t regret.

4. Risteriet

This place roasts its own coffee beans and has different coffee bars around the city. Great staff as well, they’ll help you out with choosing your cuppa. The location of Risteriet in Vesterbro is perfect, looking towards the Meatpacking District. On a sunny day, choose the seats outside.


VEGA is THE concert place in Vesterbro. It is located in a historical building, and hosts some of the best artists and shows in Copenhagen. If you’re in Copenhagen and want to check out some shows, it’s definitely the place to go to. They also host a regular bar under the name of Ideal Bar each weekend, with parties and local artists. A good time is always guaranteed in VEGA.

6. Mikkeller Bar

An internationally renowned beer bar with a modern touch and some really good self-brewed beers. Always packed in the weekends, so go early to grab a seat. If you’re not sure what to get, just speak to the bartender and he/she will guide you through your beer tasting.

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7. Kaffe Istedgade

Another tiny place with a huge heart. The owner is usually around serving good coffee to returning locals, so you’ll be in for a hearty service and a good cup. When the weather is good, outside coffee is recommended. Always puts a smile on your face.

8. Warpigs Brewpub

One of the new places in town opened in May 2015, so it’s well worth a visit. A mix between a brewery, American style barbecue restaurant and with 2 front runners such as 3Floyds and Mikkeller, this place knows what it wants and knows the people who want it. Definitely one of the places to visit when in Copenhagen.

9. KB18

One of the cool night clubs in Vesterbro where from time to time really cool acts pop up, such as Todd Terje or Alle Farben. It’s placed in the middle of Meatpacking between all the industrial buildings, so it’s got the vibe right.

10. Carlsberg city

Most definitely a place to hang out in if you’re visiting Copenhagen. Not only will you get to know more about the history of the Carlsberg beer and get to taste some tasty Carlsbergs, but you also have the opportunity to walk around the hidden garden, chill in an urban beach and enjoy some modern dance at Dansehallerne, a center for modern dance. A great way to get to know more about Denmark.

Cruising around Vesterbro, Copenhagen? Here’s the areas you need to check out:

1. Værnedamsvej

The French quarter of Copenhagen. It’s short and sweet, but it really has a lovely atmosphere. Great places one after another; GranolaViggo and Falernum being some of our favorites. And let’s not forget about one of the most beautiful flower shops in Copenhagen, Blomsterskuret. A short walk down this street will lift your spirit right up! And if you hear a lot of spoken French on the street, that’s because the French school is situated on this street. Très bon!

2. Meatpacking District

Named after the widely famous Meatpacking District of Manhattan, the Danish Kødbyen is a former meat industry business quarter turned cultural melting pot. It hosts different businesses such as restaurants and cafés, art galleries and offices. For anyone looking for a good time out on the town, it’s the perfect place. Some of the best restaurants are also located here.

3. Istedgade

Part of our hotel is located on this street. Istedgade is where Copenhagen’s Red Light District is located, which means it’s a very lively place to say the least. Despite its inhabitants, Istedgade is actually full of some of the best clothes shops, cafés and design shops in Copenhagen. Some of our favorites include Rude and Kyoto for clothes shopping, Kaffee Istedgade and Bang&Jensen for coffee, grab a donut or a home-made cheese cake at Coffee & The Gang, and buy your Scandi design items in DANSK Made for Rooms or go Swedish vintage shopping in Affaer Interior. Being a historically working class street, Istedgade even has its own slogan which it took up in 1940 under the German occupation: “Istedgade overgiver sig aldrig!” (Istedgade will never surrender!). It is a slogan which has been popularized and is still used to this day in street art and in festivities.

4. Sønder Boulevard

Complementing Vester Boulevard (Western Boulevard) we have Sønder Boulevard (Southern Boulevard). This wide street becomes very popular and lively during the warm months of Denmark due to its many lawns in the central reserve, street art, and outdoor ping pong table! It’s a great place to hang out in the sun for a picnic or barbecue.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the area around our central hotel in Copenhagen!

Visiting Copenhagen soon?

MEININGER Urban House Copenhagen is located in the trendiest district Vesterbro – only 200 meters away from the central station. From here you can explore countless cafes, restaurants and bars on foot or by bicycle.

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