Earth Day Challenge at MEININGER Hotels

Earth Day Challenge at MEININGER Hotels

Earth Day Challenge at MEININGER Hotels this April 2019 allowed us to play a small but valuable part in making the world a greener and better place through our sustainable work place initiatives!

"Earth Day" Challenge, Wuhlespatzen

“Be the change you wish to see”

As a hotel chain, we are already engaged in activities that have an environmentally positive impact. From beginning to eliminate single-use plastic or replacing it with recycled alternatives to the use of a soap dispenser in the rooms, there is already work being done.

However, the worldwide “Earth Day” on 22nd April 2019 gave us an opportunity to take our contribution to another level. We invited our staff to take place in the “Earth Day” Challenge. The teams organised their own events and activities to inspire awareness about climate change. They also promoted green alternative practices that benefit the environment.

There were a variety of fantastic and inspiring initiatives created by the MEININGER team. This was across the group and we really did feel part of a global movement that day.

MEININGER hotel Amsterdam Amstel and MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West

Here in Amsterdam the team set up a donation box for the Plastic Soup Foundation which works to remove plastic from the oceans. In addition to the donation box, MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam Amstel planted seeds in order to attract bees and other insects to the area.

Earth Day Challenge, Amsterdam

 MEININGER Hotel London Hyde Park

The team here volunteered for Thames21 & Dettol which involved going down to the river Thames on a low tide morning and cleaning up the river bed around Hammersmith. Superb work from this hotel team in London!

Earth Day Challenge, London

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station

The staff here created an initiative where they gave seeds that were bee-friendly and encouraged the guests to go off and plant them!

Earth Day Challenge Bees, Berlin Central Station


  • Our team at Berlin HQ pledged to use bikes or public transport instead of cars for the entire week!
  • Berlin HQ also worked with the building authorities to construct an insect hotel for the local insect community!
  • Berlin HQ also decided to help out the local community by painting a kindergarten fence at Wuhlespatzen in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf

Earth Day Challenge, Berlin HQ

All the initiatives that MEININGER took part in were truly inspirational and worthwhile. However, we also had a bit of competitive fun with it. A poll was conducted to pick a “Sustainable Superhero Team 2019” from the initiatives mentioned above.

The winner was announced on 3rd June and it was our fabulous London colleagues who volunteered for Thames21 & Dettol. Well done guys, truly inspiring!!

Earth Day Challenge, Winner London

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