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The fairytale-like city of Bremen is not only one of the most interesting European cities but also consists of – along with Bremerhaven in the north – its own state in Germany called the “Free Hanseatic City of Bremen”. It’s actually the smallest German state but still extremely beautiful. 

Can you really spend one day in Bremen?

We promise you that the answer is 100% yes. One day is enough to fall in love with Bremen’s pre-war and post-war aesthetic and vintage aura and to soak up many facets of the city’s heartbeat. Experience the calmness and comfort of a small town combined with the authentic life of a metropolis and listen to what Bremen is trying to tell you about itself. 

We’ve gathered a bucket-list of the top things you can do in Bremen in 24 hours just for you! 

Check them out below

#1 Befriend the Bremen Town Musicians  

The Brothers Grimm’s famous fairytale follows 4 animals who escape their masters to become musicians in the city of Bremen. As you can imagine, the donkey, the dog, the cat, and the rooster from the story became the city’s mascots, in a way, with their very own copper statue outside the City Hall. You can’t visit Bremen without snapping a photo with them, so strike a pose and don’t forget to touch the donkey’s legs to make sure your wish is granted! 

Address: Schoppensteel 1, 28195 Bremen 
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One day in Bremen: Bremen Town Musicians Statue
Bremen Town Musicians Statue

#2 Feel Like a Time-Traveler in the Schnoor Quarter 

Schnoor: Bremen’s oldest district with picturesque 15th and 16th century timber-framed houses built side-by-side in a line as row houses; that’s, in fact, the meaning of “Schnur”, the German for word “line”. Strolling around Schnoor’s historical cobblestone paths will definitely make you feel like you’re a time-traveler living in a fairytale story while galleries, cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops surround you. If you’re in the mood for exploring, try discovering the narrowest part of the neighborhood at 53 cm or sampling some local specialties like Schnoorkuller, which are milk chocolate balls rolled in crushed hazelnut with a nougat filling, Kluten, which are hand-made chocolate and peppermint sticks, and Bremen Klaben, a densely packed fruitcake with sultanas and raisins. 

Address: Schnoor, 28195 Bremen 
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One day in Bremen: Schnoor Quarter
Schnoor Quarter

#3 Dive in a Museum World 

Whether you’re spending your one day in Bremen by yourself, with friends or family, you will absolutely love the huge museum variety this city offers you.  

Do you love futuristic structures? Are you a fan of technology and nature? Or is your one day in Bremen rainy? Then, the Universum Bremen is just the place for you. Scaled with metallic tiles, this extraordinary science museum with more than 300 exhibits resembles a clam-shell jutting out from water while at night its lights shine brightly making it extremely photogenic. You can also climb up its 27-meter-high tower and enjoy amazing views of the city. 

Address: Wiener Straße 1a, 28359 Bremen 
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Or visit the Klimahaus Bremerhaven: a fascinating mix of a science center, theme park and climate museum offering you a one-of-a-kind world of weather, climate and climate-change experience. Travel the world along via an interactive experience, cross the 5 continents, freeze, sweat, laugh, and meet people from all over the world who describe their everyday lives as well as how the climate affects them. 

Address: Am Längengrad 8, 27568 Bremerhaven 
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Are you a history buff? Go straight to the German submarine U-Boot Wilhelm-Bauer. At this museum you can step inside an original WW II submarine and experience the near-claustrophobic space of the vessel and the technology that made the XXI-type the leading submarine of its time. 

Address: Van-Ronzelen-Straße 1, 27568 Bremerhaven 
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#4 Visit the Multicultural Markthalle Acht 

With up to 20 food-stalls, in the very heart of the city and exuberating youthful vibes, Markthalle Acht is the perfect place for you to try out a wide variety of food from around the world, walk around and admire the full-of-light space. Don’t miss its multicultural and innovative atmosphere. 

Address: Domshof 8-12, 28195 Bremen 
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#5 Embrace the Gothic at St. Peter’s Cathedral 

St. Peter’s Cathedral, or St. Petri Dom, is a Protestant-Lutheran church more than 900 years old with a Gothic, medieval style from the early 13th century, interesting intricacy, and impressive acoustics that you simply need to visit and admire in person. The panoramic city views from the tower are a bonus. 

Address: Sandstraße 10-12, 28195 Bremen 
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Spend 24 hours in Bremen: St. Peter’s Cathedral
St. Petri Dom in Marktplatz

#6 Discover your Dutch Side at the Am Wall Windmill 

Known in German as the “Mühle Am Wall”, this historic windmill gives spring vibes all year round that you do want to see up-close. Originally built in 1699, various versions of the Dutch-style windmill have been damaged or even burnt down over time, with the current version having survived since 1898. Eat at the restaurant inside the mill, for a unique experience, or simply walk around the garden paths and snap some shots of the colorful scenery. Just remember to not step on or pick the flowers. 

Address: Am Wall 212, 28195 Bremen  
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Spend 24 hours in Bremen: Mühle Am Wall
Mühle Am Wall, Bremen

#7 Admire Bremen’s Rathaus  

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bremen’s Rathaus (Town Hall) along with the statue of Roland on the marketplace of the city, according to the UNESCO website itself, are: “outstanding representations of civic autonomy and sovereignty, as these developed in the Holy Roman Empire in Europe”. Built in the Gothic style in the 15th century, the old town hall was renovated in Weser Renaissance style in the 17th century. There’s something magnificent about Bremen’s Rathaus, so, make sure you stop by. 

Address: Am Markt 21, 28195 Bremen 
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Spend 24 hours in Bremen: Rathaus
Bremen’s Rathaus (Town Hall)

#8 Walk on the Breezy Side at the Schlachte  

Looking for some sea breeze while in Bremen? Have a picnic, go for a walk, run or bike next to the river at the Schlachte; Bremen’s super long promenade on the east bank of the Weser River. You’ll find many boats tied up to the side of the river which are, in fact, hidden gems: museums, theatres (Theaterschiff Bremen), and even clubs (MS Treue)! 

Address: Schlachte, Bremen   
Web page

#9 Be Amazed at the Airbus  

Wondering how people live, sleep, and work in zero gravity? You’ll find all the answers at the Airbus. Since the space age began in Bremen in 1961, it has gained the reputation of the “aerospace city”, from aircraft construction to shipbuilding, space labs to rocket stages, it’s considered a high-tech industry city. 

Nowadays, the Airbus is the leading global hub for space transport, manned space flight and of course robotics. The Airbus is, actually, what makes important European space programs possible. At the facilities, you can get a glimpse of the latest research and progress of the current space programs. Get ready for your space adventure. 

Address: Airbus-Allee 1, 28199 Bremen 
Web page

#10 Explore the Colorful Östliche Vorstadt 

The Östliche Vorstadt, one of the most vivid and colorful neighborhoods of Bremen in the heart of the city, has everything: culture, art, shops, cafes, nightlife, sports and activities.  

If you’re a night owl looking for a bustling night in the city go straight to the section of Steintor and Ostertor, known as “The Viertel” (The Quarter). Cocktail bars, pubs and clubs are definitely worth exploring. And if you happen to find yourself there in the morning or afternoon hours, small shops and boutiques, from fair-trade fashion to jewelry and household goods, we promise you’ll find what you’re looking for, including culinary pleasures. The Kunsthalle art gallery, the Gerhard Marcks House, the Bremen Theatre, the Cinema Ostertor and so much more will be waiting for you to explore them, as well.  

Do you prefer a calmer stroll? Then, visit the Hulsberg or Peterswerder part of the neighborhood. No matter what mood you are in, remember to walk around the Östliche Vorstadt during your one day in Bremen; it’s totally worth it. 

MEININGER Tip: If you want to move around the Östliche Vorstadt by car, you should look for a place that includes a parking space, since free parking there is rare. We recommend strolling around on foot or by bike. 

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Where to stay in Bremen? 

The answer is of course at the MEININGER Hotel Bremen Hauptbahnhof!
Our hotel is located in the center of the city, close to the Bremen Central Station, the UNESCO listed Roland statue and so much more; the ideal hotel to start your fairytale-like visit. 

Visiting Bremen soon?

Bremen is a charming and historic riverside port city with UNESCO World Heritage status. Our hotel is attached to Bremen Hauptbahnhof and next to the new central bus terminal, just 1 km from the Old Town with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bremer Rathaus and the Roland statue, among other major attractions in this Gothic city.

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