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The Hanseatic city of Bremen is one of the gems of north-west Germany. Science, history, culture and myth all gather here and leave a lot to discover for the visitors of the city, creating an unforgettable experience.

Keep reading and you will learn the most interesting Fun Facts about Bremen! 


#1 A city of fairy tales 

Bremen is most known through from the famous German fairy tale “The Bremen Town Musicians”. Donkey, dog, cat and rooster have become a symbol of the city, but they are not the only famous tale associated with Bremen. Did you know that the father of Robinson Crusoe from the popular novel came from Bremen? You can find a house dedicated to the novel on Böttcherstraße, an astonishing street with unusual architecture. Down the same street, you can also visit the Atlantis House, inspired by the myth of the Lost City, and the House of the Seven Lazy Brothers, based on a local legend. 

#2 UNESCO World Heritage 

Bremen’s town hall and Roland statue are considered UNESCO World Heritage since 2004. The town hall is the only one in Europe that has survived from the late Middle Ages until nowadays in its original form. It represents a Weser Renaissance style building with an astonishing façade. Its cellar contains the oldest cask of wine in Germany, which dates from 1635. The Roland statue is over 600 years old and together with the town hall is considered  testimony to civic autonomy and sovereignty. 

Fun Facts Bremen: Bremen Town Hall
Bremen’s Town Hall

#3 The second largest port in Germany 

The twin ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven are the second biggest ports in Germany after the one in Hamburg and rank among the most important international ports in Europe. Although Bremerhaven is officially considered its own city—and together with Bremen one of the two cities that form the federal state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen—the overseas port within Bremerhaven is owned by the city of Bremen. Each port specializes in different goods and together they handle almost every type of cargo. 

#4 A handful of festivals 

From the magical Christmas market to the music festival, the Samba carnival and the street art festival La Strada—you won’t get bored in Bremen as there’s always something going on. For five days every summer takes place here also the one of a kind open-air festival Breminale. Over 100 bands from a wide variety of genres perform every year on multiple stages. The program of the festival includes dances, theater, circus acts and games for kids. Of course, food isn’t missing either and visitors can enjoy international dishes at the many stands. 

#5 The City of Space 

Bremen isn’t known as the City of Space without a reason. The city is home to ArianeGroup, Airbus and OHB, three of the world’s most important space companies. Airbus has built in Bremen the European Service Module for NASA’s spaceship Orion, which is supposed to flight humans beyond the orbit of the moon. Here was also assembled Europe’s contribution to the International Space station. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a space tour here

#6 The only laboratory in Europe with zero-gravity experiments 

One of Bremen’s landmarks is the unique Fallturm, or Drop Tower. It’s a vastlaboratory at the Bremen University’s Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, where scientists experiment with gravity. They examine, for example, how plants grow under lower gravity—which is important if one day humanity starts sending humans to Mars. If you’re interested in learning more about the experiments, you can take a guided tour. 

Fun Facts Bremen: Bremen Drop Tower
Fallturm (Drop Tower), Bremen

#7 Origin of one of the world’s most famous beers 

Around 3,000 bottles of Beck’s beer are opened every minute all over the world. But did you know that this beloved brewery was founded in Bremen? In fact, Beck’s founders took inspiration from Bremen’s Coat of Arms to create the logo of the company. In a tour at Beck’s headquarter in Bremen, you can learn more about the art of brewing and the history of the brand. 

#8 Germany’s greenest city 

No other German city has more green spaces than Bremen—with 70% more green space per inhabitant than Berlin. Its many fascinating parks, gardens and meadows at lakeside have something to offer for everyone—from biking, swimming and outdoor sports to picnic and playgrounds for kids. Entertainment programs take also place in some of the parks, such as performances by the Bremen Shakespeare Company and the Music and Light concert at Lake Hollersee. Here are some parks that you should definitely check out: Bürgerpark, Blockland, Rhododendronpark, Wallanlagen Park. 

#9 MEININGER in Bremen 

Our new MEININGER Hotel Bremen Hauptbahnhof is waiting for you! If you are searching for a good place from where to explore the city, don’t hesitate to visit us. You can reach Bremen’s old town with its town hall, the Böttcherstraße and the Schnoor district only within a few minutes of walking from our hotel or chill in our spacious common areas. 

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Bremen is a charming and historic riverside port city with UNESCO World Heritage status. Our hotel is attached to Bremen Hauptbahnhof and next to the new central bus terminal, just 1 km from the Old Town with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bremer Rathaus and the Roland statue, among other major attractions in this Gothic city.

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