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Public Transport in Milan: How to move around the city?

Move around the city with ease, use the public transport in Milan.

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From all the public transport services you’ll find around Milan, the fastest way to travel is with the Metro, the waiting times are shorter too. The Milan Metro network is divided in 4 active lines, although there will be 5 when line number 4 (blue) is finished:

  • Line 1 (red) connects the area that goes from Sesto San Giovanni up to Rho Fiera and Bisceglie
  • Line 2 (green) connects the city from North East, with two terminations, Cologno Nord (in the Municipality of Cologno Monzese) and Gessate (at the homonym municipality); to South, with also two terminations at Piazza Abbiategrasso (City of Milan) and at Assago Milanofiori Forum (Municipality of Assago)
  • Line 3 (yellow) goes from Comasina to San Donato
  • Lines 5 (violet) connects the city from North East, starting at Bignami, to the West, till the San Siro Stadio.

The services are active every day from 6 am to 00:30 am (on Saturdays until 2 am), except from line 5 that finishes at midnight.

As for fares and prices, Milan is divided into different areas. Inside the city center, you will pay €2.00 for a single journey ticket; it will allow you to travel between two stations inside areas Mi1 to Mi9. There is also available a One Day Travelcard (€7.00), 3 Day Travelcard (€12.00) and 10 Journeys Travelcard (€18.00). You can get tickets through the ATM Milano official app, automatic machines and authorized resellers.

Transport in Milan


There are many bus lines, with different timetables and lots of stops along the routes, guaranteeing the service at all hours during day and night. At the official ATM Milano website you can find every line with the respective schedule and stops. Unfortunately, during peak times it is not possible for busses to travel fast and on time. Fares are the same as the metro ones.


The tram network is part of Milan since 1876 and till today, the service is formed by 18 lines active from morning to night (4:30am to 2:30am – changes may apply according to each line schedule). Just as the busses, they are powered by ATM Milano and you can check all tram timetables and stops on their official website. Fares are the same as the metro ones.

Transport in Milan


The railway network is a fast suburban system, it includes 8 lines, each one identified with a number, that connects the city center with the peripheral areas of Milan. The “S” trains offer a good connection with the main public transport, such as trams and busses, and allow you to get outside Milan, right to the designer outlet stores.


Milan offers the largest car-sharing service in Italy, one of the most competitive in Europe, with 6 operators and almost 3000 cars in circulation. Contrary to the rent-a-cars, these services provide a fleet of cars available for a short period of time, with fares that depend on the time of use and/or kilometers traveled. All vehicles are bookable through any smartphone and can be parked freely inside the determinate areas.

Five reasons why to choose car sharing:

  • No buying or maintaining costs
  • No insurance costs
  • No parking costs
  • Vehicles park in the C Area free of charge inside the yellow and blue lines
  • You only pay for annual fees and real using fares

Moreover, there are two types of services: station-based, with fixed stations to withdraw and return the vehicles; and free-floating, where cars are bookable through a smartphone and released freely within the working area.

Free-floating service:

Car2go DriveNowEnjoyShare’Ngo

Station-based service:

E-Vai Ubeeqo


Just as with car sharing, scooter services within Milan provide vehicles available for a short period of time, with fares that depend on the time of use and/or kilometers traveled. The difference between these two mobility options is that scooter sharing is only available on a free-float type of service – the use of the vehicle is not bonded to parking stations, being available to release them at any point within the determined area, minding the street rules and regulations.

Scooter sharing services:


Transport in Milan


As well as with motorized vehicles, in Milan there are many bike sharing services, both free floating and station-based. Bike sharing is convenient because there are no costs of purchasing or maintenance, there is no need of chains and padlocks to use them, you only pay for annual fees or real using fares.

Free foating services:

Mobike LimeBit mobilityWindVoiDott

Station-based services:

BikeMI (ATM Milan suplied service)


You don’t have too much time to discover Milan? Join the hop-on-hop-off busses of CitySightseeing Milano.

The main characteristic of this service is exactly the opportunity of letting the passenger get on and out of the bus at any of the stops as much as they want, during the validity of their ticket.

Thanks to its 4 lines, 7 busses and tour guide in 9 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Chinese), it is possible to discover the most popular areas of Milan.

Through the Sightseeing Experience app, you can move, visit and get to know the city with already premade plans. Inside the app, you’ll find a walking tour available in 5 languages and an interactive map that will show the bus location in real-time, waiting time at each stop, and your own location to simplify getting to the nearest stop.

Public Transport in Milan: FAQs

What types of public transportation are available in Milan?

Public transportation in Milan includes the Metro (subway), buses, trams, suburban trains, and bike sharing systems.

How many Metro lines are there in Milan?

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Milan's Metro system comprises four lines, identified by different colors: red (M1), green (M2), yellow (M3), and blue (M5).

How frequent is the service for buses and trams in Milan?

Bus and tram services in Milan are typically frequent, with most routes operating from 6:00 AM until midnight. Night buses operate on selected routes after midnight.

Can I use the same ticket for the Metro, buses, and trams in Milan?

Yes, a single ticket can be used across the Metro, buses, and trams, allowing you to switch between these modes of transport within its validity period.

What are some of the ticket options for public transport in Milan?

Several ticket options are available for public transport in Milan, such as single-ride tickets, 24-hour tickets, 48-hour tickets, weekly passes, and monthly passes.

Are there any apps that can help me navigate public transport in Milan?

The official ATM Milan app provides information about public transportation routes, schedules, and ticket purchases. Other navigation apps like Google Maps or Citymapper also include public transport information for Milan.

Is there a public transport option that goes to Milan Malpensa Airport?

Yes, the Malpensa Express train service connects Milan city center with Malpensa Airport. There are also shuttle bus services running from the airport to different locations in the city.

Can I bring my bicycle on public transport in Milan?

Bicycles are allowed on Milan's public transport, but restrictions apply during peak hours and on certain types of transport.

Does Milan have any accessibility features in its public transport?

Yes, Milan has been working to improve the accessibility of its public transportation. Most metro stations have facilities for the differently-abled, and many buses are equipped with ramps.

How do I know which bus or tram to take in Milan?

Each bus and tram stop in Milan has a sign listing the routes that stop there, along with a map and timetables. You can also use the ATM Milan app or other navigation apps to plan your journey.

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