best places for a quick snack in Cologne

Where to go for a quick snack in between

Sightseeing can be an exhausting thing to do and for sure makes you hungry. And when it’s time to bring back the power to explore more, small and low priced dishes might do the trick. You are
lucky. In the heart of Cologne you will find endless options to grab a quick lunch or a snack to take away or eat in one of the many cool restaurants. But we’d like to help you out: here is our selection of 6 great snack bars in Cologne!

The Fifth Season

The precursor to Carnival as we know it today was being celebrated 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia, and already in the Middle Ages the high-spirited celebrations that mark the beginning of Lent – including the practice of dressing up – were widespread and popular. Today, Carnival exists in different variations worldwide and generally divides people into two categories. On the one hand, you have the fans: those who love dressing up, who are always on the lookout for an extraordinary costume and who are barely able to stand the anticipation in the build-up to Carnival season.

Crush on Cologne

The Japanese are allegedly the most likely to succumb to the so-called ‘Paris Syndrome’. The metropolis by the Seine is, due to its heavily romanticized image as the city of love, art and elegant savoir-vivre, often held up to such high expectations that visitors are almost bound to be disappointed. In Cologne, however, the situation is the exact opposite. Germany’s fourth largest city almost always sells itself short. So you’d be surprised…