Copenhagen 2018

Copenhagen always has something great in store, but let’s check out what that special something is this awesome year: 2018!

Alternative Tour Copenhagen

If you’re in Copenhagen and are looking for a tour off the beaten track, you might want to join the Alternative Tour by Sandemans Free Walking Tours.

Favorite Places In Vesterbro

We live in Vesterbro and we love it here. It’s a mix of many different things & people, and there’s always something exciting happening – and that’s the feeling you get walking around.

Breakfast, Anyone?

Good news, folks: you can now pre-book your breakfast on our website and only pay 65 DKK (regular price 75 DKK)! You can pre-book…

Best Vegan Food in Copenhagen

The Best Vegan Food in Copenhagen – Denmark

Denmark doesn’t necessarily have a reputation as an extremely vegan-friendly country, but the capital, as hip and modern as it is, of course caters to its vegan residents and visitors…and does a good job of it too! While there are plenty more vegan eats to be found in Copenhagen, here are some of the very best places to go for vegan food when you visit.

Wochenende in Kopenhagen

The perfect weekend in Copenhagen

Our Nordic neighbors are more popular than ever, and especially Copenhagen, with its quaint canals, colorful facades, and excellent culinary landscape is a great destination for a weekend getaway. The perfect weekend in Copenhagen could look like this: