Best beaches in Copenhagen

As the weather heats up, and you’re traveling to Copenhagen, you might want to know where the best places are to enjoy the sandy beach and (chilly) Northern Sea. Here’s our 3 best beaches in Copenhagen:

1. Islands Brygge (pronounced something like Easlands Brooge)

Easily our favorite one, it’s in the middle of the city, it’s modern, and it’s filled with beautiful people. What else do you need? Islands Brygge is one of the coziest parts of town, and the fact that it’s by the water makes it perfect for summer, too. It’s mostly a grassy area, mixed with a wooden pier setup, including a 3 meter high diving board to jump off of. During summer there are a lot of events with drinks and food, so you might get lucky and land in the middle of one. Really good vibes at this place!


2. Amager Beach (pronounced Ama, easy one)

A bit out of your way, Amager Beach is the most frequented beach on the seaside in Copenhagen. It’s the classical sandy beach with sand dunes and the wavy sea. You can play volleyball, throw the Frisbee in the water, take a long swim and watch the ships and sailboats go by. Summer also means beach parties and bonfires, it gets very lively down there. You can also grab a hot dog and ice cream when visiting, and chill on the large wooden pier above the sea.

3. Kastrup Søbad (pronounced Castrop Soobell)

A real architectural masterpiece, the pier at Kastrup might be a bit far away from the city, but it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s a circular wooden platform built on the water that gives a great opportunity for jumpers to land in deep water. It looks beautiful during the day, and with the lights lit up in the night, it’s also a great sight. A view of Sweden is also included in the package. If you’re staying for longer in Copenhagen, it’s a good idea to come by here.

+1 BONUS: Halvandet

This place is not really a beach, since you can’t swim; however, it’s a great place to relax by the water on wide lounge beds with your feet in the sand. If you’re looking for a chilled evening by the beach while sipping on a cocktail, this is the place. It’s set up as a bar, sells everything from drinks to food, and offer a splendid view of the sea. Great place to hang out by the beach if you don’t want to get wet.

Of course all of them are easy to reach from our hotel in Copenhagen next to the train station!

Visiting Copenhagen soon?

MEININGER Urban House Copenhagen is located in the trendiest district Vesterbro – only 200 meters away from the central station. From here you can explore countless cafes, restaurants and bars on foot or by bicycle.

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