Cocktailbar Empfehlung Leipzig

Cocktaibar Recommondation Leipzig: Imperii – For the pure enjoyment of cocktails in the heart of Leipzig’s city centre

When “Cocktail“ with Tom Cruise is on the television do your eyes light up and is a well-mixed drink the perfect start for you to a relaxed evening after work or a wild party night? Then there’s one place in Leipzig that you shouldn’t ignore – the Imperii, right on Brühl 72. Since August 2015, André Pintz has been shaking up Leipzig’s bar scene from behind its counter. If you order a cocktail here not only do you get a drink but also the story that goes with it and the best ingredients guaranteed, including house-made liqueurs and syrups. This should come as no surprise, as a true artist is at work here. André Pintz has a true passion for bartending and has held his own on the international market in numerous competitions. It’s good for Leipzig that he loves this city and that he wants to share his passion for exceptional drinks with its residents and guests.

Wochenende in Kopenhagen

The perfect weekend in Copenhagen

Our Nordic neighbors are more popular than ever, and especially Copenhagen, with its quaint canals, colorful facades, and excellent culinary landscape is a great destination for a weekend getaway. The perfect weekend in Copenhagen could look like this:

Let’s be FESCH! A FESCH’MARKT Close Up

While it’s not unusual for people to queue up for beer, it does seem a bit unusual to queue up in front of a brewery. Yet this is a phenomenon that is known to occur at least twice a year in Vienna, and it’s the usual suspects that are responsible: the crew of the FESCH’MARKT design market, that has picked this extraordinary spot to host one of the freshest events in the city.