Things to do in Munich in Summer

The best things to do in Munich in Summer

No city in Germany has more to offer than Munich. So why not come with me on a tour of the best places for chilling, barbecuing… just enjoying the summer!

MunichÔÇÖs Top 7 green spaces

Cities donÔÇÖt come much greener! Not for nothing is Munich regularly voted one of the worldÔÇÖs nicest places to live, and GermanyÔÇÖs favourite city. As well as a great location close to the Alps and a low crime rate, Munich also boasts a stunning landscape of meadows, parks and streams, making it the perfect holiday location.
So how about a spot of ÔÇśpark-hoppingÔÇÖ next time you visit?
Here I recommend my seven favourite (free!) Munich locations, all of them great places to sunbathe, relax and experience the city at its vibrant best ÔÇô ÔÇśjust like a localÔÇÖ!

Things to do in Munich in Summer

  1. Englischer Garten:

Riding the waves, sipping a cold beer at the Chinesischer Turm, soaking up some sun by the pool, or maybe enjoying a spot of horse-riding ÔÇô all this and more is on offer in the Englischer Garten, one of the worldÔÇÖs largest urban parks and the beating heart of this amazing city. Of course, no visit is complete without dropping by to watch the surfers ÔÇśdo their thingÔÇÖ on the legendary waves near the Haus der Kunst gallery. And if you need to cool off, why not treat yourself to an invigorating dip in the popular Eisbach creek? Just relax and drift away – you can always take the tram back! Alternatively, why not chill out on the grass or even try your hand at slacklining ÔÇô all the rage here when the weatherÔÇÖs good!

Things to do in Munich in Summer

  1. Isar:

The tranquil waters of the river Isar provide an oasis of calm for the people of Munich. While the Englischer Garten can sometimes be a bit like a catwalk, the pace down by the river is a little slower. Just unpack that picnic and your afternoon is sorted – with just the occasional passing dinghy to disturb your peace. Close to the Reichenbach bridge (U-Bahn stop: Fraunhoferstrasse) youÔÇÖll find the cityÔÇÖs best and only ÔÇťSp├ĄtiÔÇŁ, a kiosk open round the clock for all those last-minute purchases. And fans of longboarding can look forward to cruising a well-paved trail several kilometres long.

Things to do in Munich in Summer

  1. Flaucher:

For the ultimate barbecue location, the beach area known as the Flaucher takes some beating. Take the U6 underground line to Tierpark and just follow the throng of people heading across the bridge. YouÔÇÖll be greeted by an amazing sight – the gravel banks of the Isar shrouded in smoke from countless barbecues, row upon row of them on warm days – transforming the entire area into one massive open-air party. You can also cycle or longboard along the Isar ÔÇô highly recommended! Just donÔÇÖt forget your BBQ gear…

Things to do in Munich in Summer

  1. G├Ąrtnerplatz:

This really is ÔÇťthe place to beÔÇŁ when the sun goes down! And what better way to spend a balmy summerÔÇÖs evening ÔÇô ideally at the end of a relaxing day by the Isar – than to throw a few things in a bag, grab a bottle of wine and head to the square known as G├Ąrtnerplatz. Situated right at the heart of the trendy Glockenbach district, there is so much more to this delightful spot than just a roundabout with pretty flowers!

A big bonus – when your alcohol stocks are running low the local ÔÇťSzenedrinkÔÇŁ in Baaderstrasse is open late so you can replenish your supplies! Then if the ÔÇślate-night nibblesÔÇÖ strike, thereÔÇÖs always the option of a currywurst and chips at the legendary Bergwolf restaurant and, if a good club is on your agenda, the Downtown Flash is just a stoneÔÇÖs throw away.

Things to do in Munich in Summer

  1. Olympiapark:

The view over the city from the Olympic Hill (the bonus is it only takes about 15 minutes to get to the top) really is unsurpassed! One glimpse of the Alps beyond MunichÔÇÖs magnificent skyline is enough to convince anyone that this really is a unique and incredible city. ThereÔÇÖs also plenty to enjoy lower down, and a stroll round the lake is definitely not to be missed. If you are lucky there might even be a waterski lift set up by the water, as happens when the annual ÔÇťimpark Summer FestivalÔÇŁ comes to town in July. An additional highlight at this time of year is the Tollwood festival, with music for all tastes, plus a colourful array of stalls selling alternative arts and crafts and exotic foods.

Things to do in Munich in Summer
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  1. Pinakothek galleries:

The next idyllic spot on our itinerary can be found right at the heart of the city, just a short walk from the Englischer Garten. The manicured lawns surrounding the Pinakothek art galleries are the ideal place to grab a well-deserved siesta, enjoy a game of football or basketball… or just watch the world go by. And few people can resist a visit to BallaBeniÔÇÖs ÔÇô probably the best ÔÇô certainly the most popular ÔÇô ice-cream parlour in the city. Treat yourself to a chocolate and ginger or lemon and basil ice cream ÔÇô now you really are one of the locals! And to follow? I recommend a leisurely stroll through the stylish uni district.

  1. Rosengarten:

For an idyllic, more cultured atmosphere the Rosengarten park is the destination of choice. But sssh! – this is one of the cityÔÇÖs best-kept secrets so be sure to keep it under your hat. With beautiful scented roses as far as the eye can see, this is quite possibly the most charming of MunichÔÇÖs hideaways. I recommend you tuck yourself away amongst the tall plants with a good book, some fine cheese and a bottle of red wine or lemonade… and just savour the peace and quiet. Then when youÔÇÖre ready to re-join the hustle and bustle, just step through the gate and youÔÇÖre back on the banks of the Isar again.

The Rosengarten is near the Schyrenbad open-air pool, and can be reached via the U2 (to Fraunhoferstrasse) and then a 20-minute walk along the Isar. Alternatively, take bus number 58 to Claude-Lorrain-Strasse and walk for 8 minutes.

Things to do in Munich in Summer

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