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 Frankfurt, the commercial capital of Germany, has quite a few interesting facts and stories behind it. Let’s take a look at some of them here:

  1. Frankfurt was given the name by Charlemagne, the King of the Franks, who ruled over parts of modern France and Germany in the Middle Ages. After winning a battle against the Saxons, he decided to commemorate his victory and named the place as the ‘Ford of the Franks’ or Frankfurt.
  2. Interestingly,’Hot Dogs’ are also known as ‘Frankfurters’ and the dish derives its name from the city of Frankfurt itself.’ Frankfurter Würstchen were supposedly distributed to people during special events like imperial coronations.
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  3. Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany and is also known as ‘Mainhattan’ , since it is located along the river Maine and has some striking skyscrapers. For a good view over the city, you can go up on the 55th floor of the MAIN Tower, which is said to be ‘Frankfurt’s highest vantage point.’
  4. If you are ever at Frankfurt HauptBahnhof or Central Railway station, come out of the building and look closely at the main entrance. You will notice the statue of Atlas carrying the Earth on his shoulders!
  5. Frankfurt was home to the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg. You can spot a memorial dedicated to him and the early funders of the printing press in the city centre, Rossmarkt.
  6. Ever heard of Goethe Institute for German or language classes? Goethe was a prolific writer and statesman in Germany and lived with his family in Frankfurt too. You can visit the Goethe Haus whenever you are in the city and dive into history while walking through the house and reading about him.frankfurt-am-main-germany-1268886_1920
  7. This one’s for all you story lovers. Flashback to childhood! Remember reading or listening to the likes of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and more? Well, the creators of all these stories- the Grimm Brothers lived in Hanau, which is merely 25 kms away from Frankfurt! They later moved on to study at University of Marburg, which is about 100 kms away.
  8. At some point, you might have had a flight connection via Frankfurt, or perhaps you might have come across such an option while making travel plans. Well, Frankfurt is indeed a major international airport, spread over 2000 hectares of land, and is said to be the 4th busiest one in Europe. It is also the main hub for Lufthansa Airlines and the southern side of it was an airbase for the United States until 2005.


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