Rome Shopping Guide – Top tips from locals!

Shopping in Rome? Take a break from sightseeing and hit up the shopping scene.

Rome is a great city for shopping, with a wide variety of stores and markets to choose from. 

The Best Places to Go Shopping in Rome, Italy

From well-known high-street brands to haute couture and everything in between, here is the guide to the best shopping experience in Rome

Where to go shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome | The Top 10 Best Shopping Areas 

#1 Via del Corso

The mile-long Via del Corso runs between Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo, bisecting Rome’s historic center. The closest thing that Rome has to a high street, it is lined with well-known clothing chains, high-end brands, and local boutiques, as well as the beautiful art-nouveau shopping arcade, Galleria Alberto Sordi. Stroll up nearby Via del Tritone to get lost in the 6-storey luxury department store, La Rinascente, and experience the best shopping in Rome at its finest. 

Rome, where to go shopping: Via del Corso

#2 Via Cola di Rienzo

The main thoroughfare of the affluent Prati neighborhood, Cola di Rienzo is a slightly more upscale version of Via del Corso. The popular shopping street is known for its wide variety of stores and boutiques, ranging from luxury brands and designer boutiques to unique Italian-made jewelry and shoe stores. Don’t miss the glamorous Coin Excelsior department store which sells designer names in clothing, perfumes and cosmetics. 

In addition to shops, Via Cola di Rienzo is also home to several restaurants, cafes, and gelaterias, making it a great place to take a break and grab a bite to eat during a busy shopping day. 

#3 The Spanish Steps & Via Condotti

The main haunt of Rome’s elite, the network of streets around Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps make up the most exclusive shopping area in Rome. All the world’s leading designer brands, such as Gucci, Prada, and Valentino, are displayed here and even if it is out of your budget, it is worth a visit just to get a good look at the dazzling window displays. In addition to the designer boutiques, the area around the Spanish Steps also boasts a number of art galleries, antique shops, and specialty stores, offering an array of luxury items such as leather goods, jewelry, and home decor. 

Where to go shopping in Rome: Spanish Steps

#4 Monti

The pretty enclave of Monti, situated a short stroll from the Colosseum, is the place to go for independent shops selling quirky, quality goods. Although it is considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome, it has a vibrant and eclectic mix of vintage shops, local boutiques, and artisanal markets, which can be a great option for affordable shopping.  

The streets of Via Urbana, Via del Boschetto and Via dei Serpenti are lined with tiny boutiques and jewelry-makers while every weekend up-and-coming designers sell clothing, accessories and homewares at the trendy Mercato Monti on Via Leonina. 

#5 Campo de’ Fiori

The streets around Campo de’ Fiori have historically provided the base for Rome’s craftsmen and, despite becoming more commercialized due to tourism, there are still a few places selling goods handmade on site. Campo de’ Fiori Market, an outdoor market open daily, is one of the best places to shop for fresh produce, flowers, and other goodies. You can find a wide variety of local products such as fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats at affordable prices.  

Wander the backstreets around Via dei Chiavari and Via del Pellegrino to find smaller artisans selling leather, shoes and jewelry. 

#6 Piazza Navona 

Piazza Navona is a famous and picturesque square in the heart of Rome, known for its stunning Baroque architecture and lively atmosphere. The square is surrounded by shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it a great place to explore and shop. From artisanal markets to jewelry and traditional Roman souvenir shops, this hip square is the perfect place to find unique and affordable gifts for your loved ones.  

Where to go shopping in Rome: Piazza Navona 

#7 Via del Governo Vecchio

Just off Piazza Navona, Via del Governo Vecchio is a favorite for vintage-lovers with a selection of dusty emporiums piled high with second-hand clothing and trinkets from every era. For something more modern, there are also several chic boutiques selling stylish Italian fashion and footwear. You can also find a couple of bookstores selling rare books, making it a great destination for book lovers! 

#8 Il Mercato di Traiano 

Il Mercato di Traiano, also known as the Trajan’s Market, is an ancient Roman marketplace located in the historic center of Rome, near the Colosseum. This indoor market is a great place to shop for Italian souvenirs and gifts, such as leather goods, ceramics, and jewelry. 

It’s worth noting that the Mercato di Traiano is closed on Mondays and the entry is included in the Omnia Card or in the Roma Pass. 

#9 Porta Portese Market 

Porta Portese Market is the largest open-air market in Rome, located in the Trastevere neighborhood. It is held every Sunday and is a great place to shop for a wide variety of goods, including vintage clothing, furniture, and other unique items at affordable prices. 

Keep in mind that the market can get quite crowded, so it’s best to go early to avoid the crowds and have more options to choose from. Also, as with most flea markets, haggling is common practice, so be ready to negotiate prices. 

#10 Mercato Centrale 

This indoor market is a great place to shop for fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other food items. The market is split into two levels, with the lower level devoted to fresh produce, meat, and seafood, while the upper level is home to a variety of food vendors selling everything from fresh pasta and pizza to traditional Roman street food. Known for its high-quality products and excellent selection of local specialties, Mercato Centrale is the perfect place to explore and discover hidden gems, from fresh produce to traditional Roman specialties.  

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Rome Shopping Guide: FAQs

1. What are the best shopping streets in Rome?

Via del Corso, Via Condotti, and Via Cola di Rienzo are some of the most famous shopping streets in Rome. Here you will find a mix of high-end boutiques, international brands, and local shops.

2. Where can I find authentic Italian craftsmanship in Rome?

For authentic Italian craftsmanship, visit the neighborhoods of Trastevere and Monti. There, you will find many small boutiques and studios operated by local artists and artisans.

3. Where are the best food markets in Rome?

Campo de' Fiori and Mercato Trionfale are popular food markets in Rome. They offer a variety of fresh produce, meat, cheese, and more. It's an excellent way to experience the local cuisine.

4. Which shopping malls are recommended in Rome?

Shopping malls such as La Rinascente, Euroma2, and Centro Commerciale Porta di Roma offer a wide range of stores and services under one roof.

5. Where can I buy designer fashion in Rome?

Via dei Condotti and the surrounding streets are renowned for their luxury boutiques. There, you will find brands such as Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and many more.

6. Where can I buy vintage and secondhand clothing in Rome?

Monti is the trendiest neighborhood in Rome for vintage and secondhand fashion. Stores like Pifebo and King Size Vintage are worth a visit.

7. Are there special sales hours or clearance seasons in Rome?

Yes, in Italy, there are two major sales periods called "saldi" each year. They usually take place in January and July and often offer significant discounts.

8. Where can I buy Italian delicacies in Rome?

For Italian delicacies, you should visit shops like Roscioli, Volpetti, and Eataly. They offer a wide selection of Italian wines, cheeses, pasta, and more.

Where to stay in Rome?

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