Best Currywurst in Berlin

Where to Get the Best Currywurst in Berlin

Berlin residents and their Currywurst (curry sausage). They may not eat it all the time, but Currywurst is definitely sacrosanct to them. If you meet them in another part of Germany and tell them that the Currywurst there is good or even better than it is in Berlin, their loyalty towards Berlin Currywurst is immediately evident clear and they make it very clear that good Currywurst can only be found in the capital.

But what’s so different about Berlin Currywurst?

In Berlin, there are always two types of curry sausage: with or without skin. The choice is entirely a matter of personal taste. But what really makes Berlin curry sausage unique is that its ingredients are very specific. Because back in 1967, the responsible regional authority stipulated that only the finest uncured and unsmoked sausage may be used. And must also be of the highest quality. Anything that does not meet these criteria may not be sold as Berlin curry sausage. So it’s not just a myth that sausage tastes different in Berlin.

Where to eat currywurst in Berlin?

Berlin residents disagree about which curry sausage is the very best in Berlin. They all have different favourites, depending on their personal taste, but above all on whereabouts in the city they live. Today, we present three curry sausage stands that are always at the top of the popularity ranking. Plus, we have another hot tip for you.

1. Berlin Currywurst at Curry36 (Kreuzberg)

In Kreuzberg, one snack bar dominates the curry sausage scene: Curry36. It has been serving genuine Berlin curry sausage accompanied by excellent chips since 1980. And word has long since got around. Often, the queue is so long that it crosses that of one of Berlin’s most popular vegetable kebab shops. But you won’t have to wait long. It goes down very quickly and you’re soon presented with a box of genuine curry. While you wait, you can also enjoy the charming Berlin banter of the sales staff free of charge. Then you just need to find somewhere to stand and your culinary enjoyment can begin.

Best Currywurst in Berlin

Photo by: Nicole Bittger

2. Berlin Currywurst sausage at Konnopke‘s Imbiss (Prenzlauer Berg)

Anyone who appreciates nostalgia, in addition to a great curry sausage, chooses Konnopke‘s Imbiss in Prenzlauer Berg. This successful curry stand dates back to 1930. It all started with Max Konnopke and a sausage pan, with which the young man quickly attracted so many customers that a snack bar was needed to meet the demand. This traditional curry sausage mecca is located under the railway arches, right next to Eberswalder Straße underground station. The snack bar is crowded with Berlin residents and visitors from morning until evening. The consistently high quality and special charm make its genuine Berlin curry sausage unique.

3. Berlin Currywurst at Bier’s Kudamm 195 (Charlottenburg)

Residents of West Berlin swear that the best genuine Berlin curry sausage is to be found on Ku’Damm. This snack bar is relatively inconspicuous, sandwiched between two impressive buildings in an elegant corner of Kurfürstendamm. It could also be described as Berlin’s VIP curry stand. Because as well as the many business people who eat their curry sausage here wearing a smart suit in their lunch break or after work, it has also repeatedly welcomed actors, politicians and singers over the years. This may be because its menu differs slightly from that of other curry stands. Because here, traditional Berlin curry sausage is not only served with draught or bottle beer, but also champagne. So this snack bar is frowned upon by some long-standing residents of East Berlin as an absurdly over-trendy, gimmicky venue, making it all the more popular with Charlottenburg locals.

Best Currywurst in Berlin

Photo by: Nicole Bittger

4.  Berlin Currywurst at Curry & Chilli

If you like spicy curry, you need to go to Wedding. The less glamorous “Curry & Chilli” snack bar is located right next to Osloer Str. / Prinzenallee tram station. A sign reads: it’s OK for men to cry here. What may at first sound funny is also a warning, because the curry sauce that comes with your sausage here prides itself on being the spiciest in Berlin. Not for sensitive taste buds.

How to order curry sausage in Berlin

By the way, you’ll quickly be exposed as a tourist if you hesitate when ordering at a snack bar or don’t use the usual curry sausage-speak. Berlin locals know whether they want their curry with or without skin and usually order chips with it. A curry sausage with skin and chips including ketchup and mayo is ordered as follows: “A red and white curry sausage with skin and chips, please”. Enjoy the best Currywurst in Berlin!

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