Disneyland Paris in One Day 

Whether you’re in the mood for some fun holidays or you’re a loyal Disney fan, Disneyland Paris is the perfect place to create happy moments and magical memories. 

It’s made up of 2 theme parks: Disneyland Park which is focused on classic Disney rides and characters, and Walt Disney Studios Park which is geared towards movies and behind-the-scenes Disney experiences as well as rides based on Pixar classics.  

Other special things about Disneyland Paris are its attractions and rides which are unique and can only be found in Paris. Also, its world-famous Sleeping Beauty Castle will make you feel like you’re in another world. Plus, it contains a secret room in its basement, called “The Dragon’s Lair”.  

Disneyland Paris in One Day 

Now, you might be thinking: Is it worth going to Disneyland Paris for a day?

Absolutely! Both parks are only a few minutes’ walk apart from each other, so all you need to do is leave the ‘real’ world behind you for 1 day and follow our tips for a truly unforgettable experience.  

All of you, who just want to enjoy yourselves at a slower pace and maybe dig deeper into 1 park, you can of course choose your favorite option. 

Disneyland Paris in one day | The Best Tips 👇

Disneyland Paris in One Day 
  • 🙌🏻 Skip the queues   

Grab the Disney Premier Access which gives you fast access to the most popular rides, or the Disney Premier Access Ultimate to skip the queue for all available attractions at any time. Calling all families with older kids who’d rather ride fast than ride together, check out the Single Rider options. Families with kids too young for some rides, look for the Baby Switch choice. 

  • 📲 Download the Disneyland Paris app  

Did you know that Disneyland Paris has an official app which is super useful? Check waiting times, show schedules, or even available bathrooms near you and more. Pretty awesome, huh? 

  • Arrive early  

Disneyland Paris officially opens at 10 AM. Make sure to get there at least 30 minutes or even 1 hour before that, since you can usually get in early and avoid the big crowds. 

Disneyland Paris in One Day 
  • 🥪 Pack lunch  

Disneyland Paris allows you to bring your own snacks, so that you can stay on a budget.. There’s also a picnic area outside the parks.  

  • 🍽 Pre-order food via the app   

Use the Disneyland Paris app to view the menu of selected restaurants, order your food in advance and even prepay. When you get alerted, go pick up your order from the “Mobile Order” line. And if you’re in the mood for some Disney Characters greeting you during your meal, then you have to try the Character Dining in Disney Village.  

  • 🎢 Study all the rides and choose your top ones in advance  

We’ve chosen some of our favorites to give you a hand as to how to do Disneyland Paris in one day, so go ahead and have a sneak peek 😉  

New Rides: Marvel Avengers Campus  

In July 2022, a brand-new Marvel Avengers Campus opened with 2 rides—Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, a high-speed roller coaster sending you into space to defend the Earth against alien attacks, and Spider-Man WEB Adventure, an interactive, family-friendly ride where you can wear 3D glasses and sling virtual webs to capture Spider-Bots.  

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 

Plunge 13 floors while on this spooky elevator ride in the Hollywood Tower Hotel which has so much attention to detail that it will certainly be a… haunting experience. 

Disneyland Paris in One Day: Tower of Terror 

Ratatouille: The Adventure 

A super fun 4D experience in the dark where you shrink down to the size of a rat and can run around a gigantic kitchen of a restaurant among characters from the film. 

Phantom Manor 

Phantom Manor will give you a slow, eerie tour in the dark through a Victorian mansion haunted by 999 ghosts. Boo! 

Disneyland Paris in One Day: Phantom Manor

Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril 

Get your adrenaline pumping with this thrilling ride: enter an ancient temple where you’ll be met by Indiana Jones’ dangerous enemy, Mola Ram, at the very beginning of your exhilarating adventure.

Pirates of the Caribbean 

This is a boat-trip with cool special effects taking you on a tour of some of the most iconic moments from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, including the famous sword-fight between Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. Dress up as a pirate and enjoy the ride. Ahoy! 

Disneyland Paris in One Day: Pirates of the Caribbean 

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain  

Blast off into space with this high-speed, dark rollercoaster which is definitely one of the best things to do in Disneyland Paris if you’re looking for an out-of-this-world experience. Whether you’re a dedicated Star Wars fan or not, this ride will thrill you.  

Big Thunder Mountain 

An amazing ride through America’s Wild West through canyons, mines, and abandoned towns. Keep your eyes peeled for snakes, bats, and other desert creatures, though! One of the top things to do if you want to explore Disneyland Paris in one day!

Disneyland Paris in One Day: Big Thunder Mountain 

New Drone Show 

A new night-time drone show starts this year called “Avengers: Power the Night” with 500 drones, fireworks and light shows presenting many famous Marvel characters, such as Captain America, Scarlet Witch and more. Make sure you’re there for it during your one day in Disneyland Paris. 

It’s A Small World Reopens 

The world-famous and iconic “It’s A Small World” ride, dating back to 1992, is reopening in Disneyland Paris in 2023. The ride has been refurbished and will be all set this year to welcome you again.  

Disneyland Paris in a Nutshell
📍 Distance: 1h | 44 km from the center of Paris  
🗺️ Best way to get there: Train, taxi or car  
🎉 Best time to visit: Disneyland Paris is always a good idea! 

What are the best hotels near Disneyland Paris? 

Disneyland Paris is located about 40 km outside of Paris.
You can easily get there via public transportation in 1 hour from the MEININGER Hotel Paris Porte de Vincennes.
If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris for 1 day or more, our hotel is the ideal choice for you. 
For more tips about what to do in Paris, we have got you covered!
Address: 37 Bd Carnot, 75012 Paris, France 

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