Surfing our way from Cancún to Campeche.

People who like to travel, and by travel I don’t mean going on a two-week, all-inclusive holiday in a luxury resort booked through the travel agent, I mean proper travel – discovering the world, feeling like Christopher Columbus, feeling the wind in your hair, communicating with your hands and feet, not knowing what to expect and finding that quite thrilling, feeling lonely at times and being in the best company at other times, even when you don’t know one another, challenging yourself and being outside your own comfort zone. That’s the type of travel I’m talking about. For better or worse, people who like that kind of travel will have had to think about money at one time or another.

Siete semanas en Tulum.

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. For seven weeks now, we have been living in our little cabaña located just 30 m from one of the most idyllic beaches in the Caribbean. We’re at kilometre 8.2 on the small road linking the village of Pueblo and Playa beach. Pueblo is Tulum’s urban area and is located about half an hour away by bike. Playa stretches along the coast and is numbered with kilometre markers; there are no house numbers here.

One car. Two girls. Three road trips.

Freedom. Feel the wind in your hair. Simply set off. Go explore something new, leave everything behind and switch off. Forget everything for a day and feel entirely free.

That’s exactly what we wanted. And it was no sooner said than done: last Tuesday, we hired a car and drove inland from Tulum. With no destination, no plan and no satnav.


After three whole years of working on the reception at MEININGER, I decided it was time for something new. While I thoroughly enjoyed sharing Berlin with people from the most varied of nations and exchanging stories and experiences with them, I simply could not shake off the idea of setting off on my very own adventure.