Workation vs Bleisure: understanding the difference & benefits 

Nowadays, it’s possible to work efficiently either from home or from wherever you can find a strong Wi-Fi connection. Reimagine what work could look like: the work-from-home concept has blended with a new work-from-any-location idea. 

While the blurry line between work and play has created a fresh working model, you keep hearing about new travel trends and terms. Two of the most popular ones? “Workation” and “Bleisure.” Understanding the difference between those 2 concepts can help you choose the best option for your next trip.

Combining travel and work, anyone? 

# What’s a workation? 

A workation is a kind of travel which combines work with vacation. Long story short, it’s taking your work with you on the road either for a short or long period of time.

When on a workation, you get to enjoy a change of scenery and to work in a more laid-back setting than e.g., the office. The goal of a workation? To boost productivity and creativity while traveling without taking a break from work. 

Workation vs Bleisure

👉 Workation benefits  

There are many, so you’d better start planning your workation! 

  • Boosts productivity: by changing your work environment, you can boost your creativity and productivity, which can lead to better work performance. 
  • Better work-life balance: you take your work with you while enjoying yourself without a need to use any vacation days. 
  • Fresh perspectives: a change of scenery brings you new ideas, influences you in innovative ways and helps you escape daily routine.  

# What’s bleisure? 

The main idea of bleisure is to mix business and leisure. In a few words, it’s when you extend your business trip in order to enjoy some extra time away from home, see a new place and try new things. Overall, bleisure trips are the perfect way to recharge your batteries, unwind and get back home feeling refreshed and ready for your next projects. 

Travel and work in Bordeaux
Travel and work in Bordeaux

👉 Bleisure benefits  

Wondering what kind of benefits bleisure travel has? Have a look: 

  • More time to explore: by extending your business trip, you get more time to see a new place and make memories. 
  • Relationship-building: taking a bleisure trip with coworkers can build stronger relationships and improve communication. 
  • Recharge your batteries: you return home feeling way more relaxed and happier. 

Workation or bleisure? 

When deciding between a workation and bleisure trip, think about your personal taste and work needs. If you want to work and explore a new city while boosting your serotonin levels for a week, a month or more, a workation could be the best fit for you. And if you’re in the mood for extending your business trip by adding some extra days to it, say hello to bleisure! 

Workation at MEININGER Hotels

Tips for a successful workation or bleisure trip 

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your workation or bleisure trip: 

  • Plan your itinerary ahead of time: make sure to allocate enough time for both business and leisure activities. 
  • Choose a convenient location: select a hotel that is close to both your business events and attractions. 
  • Make the most of your time: utilize your time wisely by planning activities that allow you to see all the things you’re interested in during the time you got. 

Discover MEININGER’s top bleisure & workation destinations 

Start planning your “bleisure” or “workation” trip to exciting European cities!

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