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The bigger the metropolis, the crazier the shopping experience! Add a few exotic cities to the mix and you’ll find yourself in places you couldn’t have imagined in your weirdest dreams. Suddenly it becomes plausible where people like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and other fashion icons might head out shopping, but you definitely have to know what you’re looking for as tourists aren’t their favourite clientele. Most locations are hidden in cellars, side streets or behind locked doors where you have to ring a doorbell to get in. We began our search in London, followed by Moscow and ending in Tokyo. Forget everything you thought you knew about shopping and be prepared to experience the lifestyle of a brand.




Designer Terry Davy, his life and business partner Spiros Vlahos, and their pet Chihuahua Chichi the Cyberdog were the three elements that resulted in the biggest trance music and cyber clothing shop in Europe! You are welcomed by a giant four-meter metal robot at the entrance to a cellar-vault that is completely lit in black light. As you enter, the sounds of heavy techno music surround you and you’re greeted by the salesgirls who look like a cross between Star Wars and Avatar. This is heaven for every raver on earth and a shopping paradise for Love Parade visitors. You can find everything from bright fluorescent dance clothing, glowing masks, neon makeup, UV fluorescent items, blinking helmets and a special adult section with all sorts of bondage wear.

Stables / Camden Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH





Kokon To Zai

Kokon To Zai is Japanese for “east meets west”, hinting to the broad cultural influences of the brand. The shop started out as a record store in Soho and soon became a Mecca for creative people like Nicola Formichetti (stylist of Lady Gaga and Brooke Candy), Gareth Pugh, etc., on their visits to London. It’s focus now lies on the KTZ collection as well as on accessories and furniture (which can be found in their second London store). Using all kinds of cultural influences, the designers have a strong focus on tribal art from the Arabic world! FKA Twigs, ASAP Rocky, Kieza and M.I.A. are big fans of the label. Rihanna even used a complete collection for her tour!

57 Greek Street, London W1D 3DX






If designers started to open bars the results might just be as creative as their fashion designs. This is definitely the case with Russian designer Denis Simachev and his restaurant/nightclub #LOL! Stepping in, it feels like entering the movie set of a Chinese blockbuster. Two hundred small fish tanks embedded in the walls, a wall full of plants along with a custom made sadomasochism installation in one of the restrooms are only a few of the things to discover. Following Russian opulence, #LOL bar also has the biggest disco ball in Europe hanging in the centre of the club.

Pushechnaya ul., 7/5, Moscow, 107031






You have to know the exact address of this shop otherwise you’ll just walk by it. It’s basically just a door in the wall followed by quite a few steps leading into a cellar. Silver grids, a cage instead of a fitting room and mirrors everywhere. In the middle of it all, customized vintage wear that could easily be used as costumes or stage outfits. No wonder that Lady Gaga and Brooke Candy are regular clients. DOG buys vintage pieces from all over the world and adds a personal touch to every single piece. This could take the form of painted leather jackets, jeans covered in Disney patches, or a bodysuit made of golden chains! In case you don’t want to look like anyone else in the entire world, this is the place to go! A special highlight is salesgirl Hirari Ikeda, a famous Instagram personality in Tokyo, who looks more like an alien than a human!

3-23-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001



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