Sustainable Travel Tips

How to explore the world with a playful twist 

Ready to go on an epic adventure and discover the hidden wonders of our planet? As avid travelers and enthusiastic explorers, we totally get the thrill! But here’s the deal: while traveling is fantastic, we also need to be mindful of our impact on Mother Earth and the communities we encounter along the way.

That’s why we’ve gathered some useful tips to travel sustainably as well as some rad ideas for you to become the ultimate responsible wanderer, leaving nothing but good vibes behind you. 

🧭 Free your inner trailblazer 

Need more sustainable travel tips? Picture this: crowded tourist traps, long queues, and so on. Yikes! Let’s avoid that madness, shall we? Want to know one of our top tips for the eco-conscious traveler? Get lost in cities, follow your instincts, and discover hidden gems that aren’t plastered all over Instagram. Opt for off-the-beaten-path destinations and travel during quieter seasons. By doing so, you’ll score some major serenity while also supporting local communities and experience the real soul of a place. 

Need a local’s perspective? Our superhero receptionists in every MEININGER hotel got you covered with top-secret recommendations about the city you’re staying in. 

discovering new city

🌊 Ride the eco-wave like a pro 

Want to reduce your carbon footprint and have a blast while doing it? Trains are the superheroes of sustainable travel, so hop on and enjoy the scenery guilt-free. And instead of jetting off on a gazillion short trips, why not try an interrail getaway? This is probably one of the top Sustainable Travel Tips!

For tips and tricks, check out Eco Passenger—your ticket to planet-friendly adventures. 

Sustainable Travel Tips: travel by train

🛬 Offsetting: the green sidekick 

Yes, we get it. Sometimes you have to use the plane. But did you know that many travel providers offer nifty offset programs that let you balance out your carbon emissions by supporting groovy environmental projects? Check them out for your next trip and get inspired by various green travel tips.   

🗺️ Sustainability: from theory to practice 

Hotels flashing their sustainability certificates are cool and all, but let’s dig deeper. Take a sneak peek behind the curtains and check out all their initiatives, actions and practices. Even small establishments can have some serious green game.

Seek out accommodations that truly care about the planet and its people—and we’re proud to say that we have started our own sustainability program and aim to be a sustainable hotel chain!

🦸🏽 Be the hero the Earth deserves 

You need much more than a cape to make a difference. And some strong sustainable travel tips always help. Simply show respect for nature and its furry and leafy inhabitants. Be a superhero by leaving zero trace—pick up after yourself and keep the outdoors pristine. And while you’re at it, savor the deliciousness of local organic goodies while supporting biodiversity. 

local organic food

💚 Local Love 

Let’s give a big shoutout to all the unsung heroes—the local legends. Dive headfirst into vibrant markets, try mouthwatering delicacies at family-owned joints, and get your hands on unique treasures from small, local shops. By supporting these local businesses, you’ll preserve cultural traditions and ensure they continue to thrive. 

Sustainable Travel Tips: shop local goods

🤠 Channel your inner Indiana Jones 

Get ready to become a time-traveling cultural specialist! Immerse yourself in a country’s rich heritage. Unearth ancient sites, indulge in exotic cuisines, and learn a few phrases of the local lingo. Trust us, there’s a whole world beyond the perfect Instagram backdrop. Show appreciation with a heartfelt “thank you” and dazzle locals with your linguistic skills—spread smiles across borders. 

💸…Tip me baby one more time 

Ah, tipping—it’s like a groovy dance which is different in every country. Feeling lost? We’ve got your back! Familiarize yourself with tipping customs and be the maestro of generosity. Check out this article for a useful guide to tipping around the world. 

Sustainable Travel Tips

🧳 Become a travel ambassador 

Attention, social media experts! You have the power to be an epic advocate for responsible and mindful travel. Capture the beauty of locals, share awesome recommendations, and spread the love for sustainable businesses you stumble upon. Let your social media shine with good vibes and inspire others to embark on their own eco-friendly getaways. 

Sustainable hotel stay

What is MEININGER Hotels doing to be sustainable?

Our sustainability journey

By following eco-friendly practices and minimizing our environmental impact, we know that every small step counts, and we’re proud of the changes we’ve made so far.

From reducing plastic waste and saving energy to sourcing locally and supporting community initiatives, we’re committed to being more mindful and making a positive impact in the world.

👉 Meet our sustainability program

For more useful advice on how to travel sustainably, have a look at our “10 tips for a sustainable stay” article!

🛎️ How to have a sustainable hotel stay? 

MEININGER Hotels have a room with your name on it. Are you ready for a mind-blowing journey filled with unforgettable moments and meaningful connections?
Let’s leave a trail of positive vibes wherever we roam.

Follow our tips for sustainable hotel stay! 

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