10 MEININGER Sustainable Travel Tips

How to be a more responsible traveler and take better care of our planet

You don’t need to sleep in a tent, cook on a camping stove and travel on a bike to help protect our planet. Small things like, turning off the water while brushing teeth, using a reusable bag or using public transport help a lot!

10 MEININGER Sustainable Travel Tips which will help to protect our planet

Sustainable Travel Tips - Have a green stay

#1 Have a green stay, skip room cleaning 

Have a green stay with MEININGER, skip room cleaning, reuse hotel towels and bedding. Help us to save energy and protect the planet. Let our team at the reception know you want to have a green stay.  

Sustainable Travel Tips - use reusable water bottle

#2 Carry a reusable water bottle 

By getting a reusable water bottle you will avoid creating extra plastic trash and you will also save money. 

Sustainable Travel Tips - use reusable bag

#3 Always have a reusable bag by your side 

Make a reusable bag your best travel buddy, this way, you can shop without using plastic bags. Reusable tote bags last forever and there are a lot of trendy options out there. 

Few brands we really like: BagguSusan Bijl and Loqi

Sustainable Travel Tips - Buy local

#4 Buy souvenirs and food produced locally  

The longer the transport path, the bigger the carbon impact. Take some time, make research, find shops with local unique crafts and visit farmer’s markets. It’s the best place to find local and seasonal food. 

Sustainable Travel Tips - Use pulbic transport

#5 Use public transport or rent a bike   

Where possible, explore the city by bike or jump on public transport, it’s one of the best ways you can help to reduce carbon emissions. Did you know you can rent a bike or get public transport tickets at most of our MEININGER Hotels? Just ask our lovely team at the reception about while staying with us.  

Sustainable Travel Tips - Avoid flights

#6 Avoid domestic flights if possible    

Short flights have an unnecessary impact on the environment. Check if there is a train connection to your chosen destinations. By choosing a train ride you will also save time: no need to be at the airport 2 hours before departure and you can reach most central stations much easier than airports as central stations are usually placed in the city center. 

Sustainable Travel Tips - Turn off TV

#7 Turn off tv when you are not watching it    

Scrolling through your phone, working on your laptop, or reading a book and not paying attention to what is on TV? Turn it off and turn on your music playlist instead.  

Sustainable Travel Tips - Switch the light

#8 Switch the light off if you don’t need it    

Make sure the lights are switched off when you leave your hotel room or if there is still enough daylight. 

Sustainable Travel Tips

#9 Unplug your devices when they are not charging    

If your devices are charged, unplug them, not only it will help to save energy, the battery life will benefit from it. 

Sustainable Travel Tips

#10 Take shorter showers and turn the water off when brushing your teeth     

Water has to be treated and transported. Think about saving energy and carbon emissions, take shorter showers, and do not leave the water running while you brush your teeth.

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