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Driving sustainable change
From awareness to action

Welcome to our sustainable journey toward a better future!

We love having you over, regardless of what type of guest you are, to discover new places and people. To make sure that this is also possible in the future, responsible travel and hospitality are essential. As an affordable hotel chain, we believe that sustainability is more than just a choice-it's a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations.

By following eco-friendly practices and minimizing our environmental impact, we know that every small step counts, and we're proud of the changes we've made so far. From reducing plastic waste and saving energy to sourcing locally and supporting community initiatives, we're committed to being more mindful and making a positive impact in the world.

Our journey toward sustainability is an exciting one, filled with learning, growth, and commitment to doing better. We dare to be bold by also taking big steps toward transforming our entire business model. Join us in our mission to protect our planet and build a more sustainable future, one stay at a time. ​ ​

Meet our sustainability program

Over the past few years, we've taken numerous initiatives, including reducing waste, eliminating single-use plastic, planting wildflowers and keeping beehives in our backyards to support biodiversity, offering a "room cleaning only upon request" service to save water and avoid cleaning detergents, and completing hundreds of volunteering hours with local organizations and partners, among many other actions.

Strategic Impact Analysis

In order to ensure that these activities are meaningful enough, we also carried out a materiality analysis to identify the most important topics for MEININGER Hotels, measure our impact and do even better. By currently integrating environmental and social aspects into our business operations, we also want to inspire all of you, employees, guests or business partners to support us in our journey.

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability Energy, Water, Recycling

Resource management
Energy, water, waste and recycling

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Greenhouse gas emission

Emission control
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Mobility

Mobility solutions
Promoting sustainable transport

MEININGER Hotels Diversity, Inclusion, Equality

Inclusive culture
Diversity, inclusion, and equality

MEININGER Hotels Health & Safety

Safety first
Prioritizing health and safety

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Work & Life balance

Work-Life harmony
Supporting employee well-being

MEININGER Hotels Fair Remuneration

Equitable pay
Fair remuneration across all levels

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability Responsible Supply Manager

Ethical sourcing
Responsible supplier relationships

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Cyber Security

Data security
Cyber Security to safeguard information

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability & Integrity

Open integrity
Enhancing transparency, dialogue and credibility

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Innovation

Creative innovation
Cutting-edge innovations and ideas

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Environment, Water Enviroment
MEININGER Hotels Society, Diversity Society
MEININGER Hotels Sustainability CG Data Code of Conduct Corporate governance
Switching on: energy saving mode

We want to be more sustainable and saving energy is a big part of that journey. All MEININGER hotels in Germany, Denmark and Austria are supplied with 100% green electricity from emission-free natural resources like solar, wind or hydropower. Plus, 90% of our hotels are equipped with LED lighting and motion sensors while we're working on the remaining 10%. We do regular energy audits and have installed energy-efficient appliances and key-card holders that switch off room lights.

Goodbye waste, hello recycling

We've managed to reduce our single-use plastic consumption by 95% in all MEININGER Hotels. We use soap dispensers in our bathrooms and dispensers for our F&B buffets in order to reduce plastic.​ In our German hotels, we teamed up with the Re-Cup deposit system for reusable coffee cups. Also, our partnership with Too-Good-To-Go in many of our hotels is a great way to save food. Make sure to use our recycling bins to do your part, too!

Saving water drip by drip

Water is a precious resource. We regularly review our water consumption and take measures to reduce it, such as installing aerators in mixer taps and shower heads which save up to 30% of water. Also, our public toilets come with dual flush systems/sensor taps. Our "room cleaning only upon request" initiative helps us save water, too.

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability, Environment, Water
With open hearts | Celebrating diversity & inclusion

We're a truly international company with 29 different nations working in our hotels and headquarters. By offering an internal trainee program via our M-academy, we support all of our people. Since 2022, we've introduced an LGBTQIA+ board and want to keep raising awareness on important social issues. Our goal: maintain gender equality while empowering people by offering a safe space where diversity and inclusion are more than supported, they are celebrated.

Local communities | Together for good

Since 2019, we've been firm supporters of the Earth Hour and Earth Day movements with activities throughout the entire year involving donating lost & founds, upcycling initiatives, cleaning river banks, painting kindergarten fences and more. In Berlin, we often open our doors to the German Red Cross and invite guests, employees, and residents to donate blood. Our goal is to increase collaboration with local suppliers for a fair and transparent supply chain.

Safe & sound | Our health & safety practices

We put people first. Our responsibility is to offer a safe environment to both our employees and guests by regularly running safety inspections. We provide our employees with proper training in health and safety practices, fire safety, and mental-health training on top of legal requirements.

MEININGER Hotels Society, Diversity
Responsible supplier management

When taking on new suppliers in areas which we consider to be higher risk, procurement function undertakes supplier due diligence to reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking. We include contractual clauses in all our higher risk supplier agreements and also in our standard template supply agreements in relation to the monitoring and tackling of slavery and human trafficking issues and compliance with legislation.

Compliance & code of conduct

MEININGER's Code of Conduct sets out binding rules that are to be followed by every employee, consultants and business partners. The code includes provisions to never engage in any activities that promote or encourage any kind misbehaviour. We encourage open door communication and feedback about any concerns our employees may have. We have an independent third party company whistleblowing system in place where our employees can raise their concerns anonymously.

Let's talk about Hotel Sustainability Basics

We're supporters of the Hotel Sustainability Basics, a globally recognized set of sustainability indicators for hotels by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance. We promote the global call for sustainable development in the hospitality industry.

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability CG Data Code of Conduct

CEO statement

"Disrupted supply chains, rising commodity prices have negatively impacted the tourism sector. Climate change risks are evident. At MEININGER, we embed sustainability into our core business by enhancing our processes, products and services. Success, for us, encompasses values, not just performance and growth."

MEININGER Hotels Sustainability Ajit Menon

FAQs | Sustainability activities

That's because we only rent properties on a long-term basis from property owners. Working closely together with our landlords to achieve more efficiency and transparency regarding consumption.
Some of our hotels have already received a local sustainability seal from local government institutions. We're planning to align our sustainability program with the Sustainability Development Goals and international reporting standards, such as the GRI.
Absolutely! We've got things like oat or soy milk, yummy vegan spreads, and depending on the country, vegan cheese as well as cold-cut alternatives in some hotels.
It's for a good cause! We implemented our "room cleaning only upon request" service in all MEININGER hotels; you can find out more about it at reception. This initiative helps significantly reduce water and cleaning detergents while minimizing the environmental impact of your stay.

But be assured that all rooms are, of course, thoroughly cleaned before arrival and after departure, according to the legal Health & Safety standards.

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