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The working-and-traveling combo has recently become a popular trend. With the steady rise of technology and remote work going on, it's easier than ever to bring together the concepts of work and play. Whether you're a bleisure traveler or workationer, live your best remote-work life at MEININGER Hotels and enjoy our central location, fast Wi-Fi and many fun specials.




Work remotely from workation & bleisure hotels | The sweet perks

  • Escape daily routine
  • Explore new places & cultures
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Fresh perspective on work-life balance
  • Boost productivity & creativity
  • Increase overall job satisfaction


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Make work fun | Linger longer at MEININGER


Hey, bleisure travelers and workationers!

Find the perfect work-life balance at MEININGER Hotels' nicely designed public areas and comfy private rooms while tapping into a new level of ultimate flexibility to work and travel.

Here's a list of bleisure & workation perks we offer you:

  • Up to 30-night stays
  • 100% free Wi-Fi—stay connected 24/7
  • Ideal locations: we're tucked into city centers
  • Cozy, distraction-free rooms
  • Washing/drying machine
  • Bike-rental service
  • Pet-friendly vibes: you can B.Y.O.P. (= Bring Your Own Pet)
  • All in 1 bill: say goodbye to working-space rentals

Picture your mornings working in your room, our lounge area or a local coffee shop and your afternoons playing in the game zone or cooking in the guest kitchen. When the sun goes down, relax, make friends at our bar or step out and explore.

Spend an extra weekend or a whole month with us and enjoy the best of 2 worlds!


Workation & Bleisure FAQs

What is bleisure?

Bleisure describes the ideal combination of business and leisure travel. It's, basically, when you're on a business trip which you extend or to which you add some leisure activities.

What is workation?

A workation is the perfect combination of work and vacation: when you decide to travel to a location from where you intend to work remotely while enjoying the perks of being in a new place.

What are the benefits of bleisure?

When you're a bleisure traveler you enjoy many benefits, like the chance to extend your business trip and explore a new place, or extra time with family or friends. Also, bleisure gives you a break from daily routine, and resets your mind.

Why are workations becoming more popular?

Workations are becoming increasingly popular ever since remote work has increased. They give you a chance to escape your typical work environment and offer you new experiences in various places; all while increasing your productivity.

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