Traveling to Germany with a Dog

Discover new cities with your furry loved one!

Dog owners often consider their pets to be full members of the family. Therefore, it’s not surprising if you don’t want to leave your dog behind when you go on vacation and would rather spend that free time together.

Fortunately, this is not a problem, especially when traveling to Germany with a dog — you can reach your destination comfortably by car and stay overnight in one of our pet-friendly hotels, where pets are expressly welcome.  

Let us show you the adventures and extraordinary places that await you when you visit Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig with a pet. 🐶

traveling to Germany with a dog

MEININGER Hotels for dogs, cats & co. – the ideal overnight stay in our pet-friendly hotels 

No matter what kind of animal you have as your travel companion, you and your pets can enjoy a shared stay in a private room for as little as 15 euros for each pet per night.

In addition to spacious rooms and public areas, the hotels also offer you the benefits of a shared kitchen. If your last walk was especially muddy, a washing machine is available. 

Pet-friendly hotels

Trip to Hamburg with a dog: a dog’s green paradise for long walks 

Hamburg has more than 100 official dog walking areas. There are 20 dog walking areas around the Altona district alone, including Emil Wendt Park and Walther Möller Park. There are also numerous pet-friendly cafés. At Café Milch near the Landungsbrücken, you can have a photo taken of your pet in front of a photo wall. You can later see the animal portraits on Instagram under the hashtag #milchdogs. In summer, Hamburg offers numerous opportunities for swimming: in addition to Elbstrand and Falkensteiner Ufer, we also recommend a trip to Eichtalpark, where there is a dog area with water access. 

Our pet-friendly hotel in Hamburg is the perfect place to host your beloved pets and offer you both the much-desired comfort at the end of a long day of exploration.

Trip to Berlin with a dog: variety for your furry friend 

You can enjoy exploring Berlin’s most beautiful places with a dog. The capital has numerous areas which are ideal for walking your dog, such as Schöneberg, Grunewald and Tempelhofer Feld. Your furry friend can romp indoors and outdoors at Café Fellfreunde, Germany’s first dog café. There is even a separate menu for dogs. You can also take a boat tour if you want to explore the capital more comfortably. You can make animal acquaintances in the city’s many parks or even at the Berlin Zoo. 

MEININGER has six amazing pet-friendly hotels spread throughout central Berlin to ensure you and your furry loved one experience the best Berlin has to offer!

pet-friendly hotels

Trip to Frankfurt with a dog: culinary and cultural delights for dogs 

The city on the Main River has many parks and is ideal for a variety of walks with your dog. There are more than 20 areas for walking dogs throughout the city, including Grüneburgpark, Huthpark and along the banks of the Main. A special treat for your dog is the Schnauz & Schnurr ice cream store, which offers delicious ice cream without lactose and sugar for dogs. Dogs are also allowed in Frankfurt’s Kobelt Zoo. 

Book your stay at our pet-friendly hotel in Frankfurt and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and unmatched comfort for both you and your four-legged companion!

Trip to Leipzig with a dog: meadows as far as a dog’s eye can see 

The Leipzig Dog Meadow, one of the largest dog-walking areas in Germany, is less than a 30-minute walk from the main train station of Leipzig. The fenced-in area offers a large, 35,000-square-meter space for people and animals to romp and frolic. If you prefer to be near the water, you can visit the dog beaches at Kulkwitzer and Cospudener See. And if you want to take a quick break, there are plenty of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants. 

Looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Leipzig? Our hotel is located in the city center and gives you quick access to the entire city with its amazing dog parks!

Trip to Munich with a dog: sun, lake and spa for well-being 

With its delicious food and the Isar River at your doorstep, the capital city of Bavaria is worth visiting at any time of the year. In many parks, such as the English Garden and Westpark, dogs must be kept on a leash, yet there is no lack of variety and fenced green areas for a playful romp. In summer, you can spend a relaxing day with your dog by the water at one of the many lakes in and around Munich. Dogs are also welcome in Hellabrunn Zoo and the Botanical Garden. After an active day in the city, the Salon Dogs of Munich and the Haus des Hundes offer great programs to pamper your furry travel companion. 

A fantastic place for travelers with pets is at the two pet-friendly Hotels right in the heart of Munich! All pets are welcome and you will find everything you need for the perfect holiday!

Visiting Berlin soon?

Berlin has so many wonderful places to visit and there is a MEININGER hotel at 6 of the hotspots. 6 Berlin Hotels: Right in the center near Alexanderplatz, at the East Side Gallery, at Central Station, Schönefeld airport and Tiergarten.

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