Things to do in Berlin with kids

Berlin mit Kindern

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Berlin with Kids – What to do in the capital of Germany

Working as a familytravelblogger based in Cologne I have already visited many capital cities all around the world with kids. London, Washington DC or Oslo. But our own, Berlin, was missing on
this list! That needed to be changed and so we traveled to Berlin for a long weekend in March. During our trip we stayed at the Meininger Hotel Berlin Mitte, called the ‘Humboldthaus’, which
offers not only great options for family rooms but is also very well connected to public transport which is key when you are traveling with kids to major cities.


Due to a strike at the Airport in Berlin Tegel I decided to take the train to Berlin. It is just a 4 hour ride from Cologne nd gives you time to get some things done while traveling. We took a Taxi from the main station to reach the MEININGER Hotel at the Oranienburger Straße because we arrived quite late. But right in front of the Hotel you will find a S-Bahn Station which connects you with the lines S1, S2 and S25. They take you to the most interesting sights in Berlin in no time.

Things to do in Berlin with kids

Taking the suburban trains

Taking the underground train in Berlin is exciting! Not only when you are just 8 years old. There is so much to see although your are only traveling from A to B. The trains, the different stations, the beautiful and old signs, exhibitions in the hallways – or you can just watch Berlin life go by. You could easily spend a whole day just zick-zacking Berlin like this.

The Berlin Wall Memorial

When you are visiting Berlin, it is very likely that the history of this formerly divided city will be part of your trip. The best way to start learning about this is the Berlin Wall Memorial. It is situated
at the historic site on Bernauer Strasse, extending 1.4 kilometers along the former border strip. Start your visit at the visitor center where you will be shown a film that will also help kids to understand what was going on. Don’t miss the viewing tower that will give you an overview of the area.
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Things to do in Berlin with kids
Ghost Stations Exhibitions

From the outside, Nordbahnhof S-Bahn station may look like a ruin lost in time. Which it, in fact, IS. But this historic site is also a still functioning and active underground station! Located next to
the Berlin Wall Memorial it hides something very interesting: an exhibition about the Border Stations and Ghost Stations in divided Berlin! „It recalls a special chapter in Berlin’s history of division: the closed-down and heavily guarded train stations of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines in East Berlin.“ The absurdity of the division, living with the border fortifications – this is what the exhibition adresses.

Eating a Currywurst

You might be up for a well deserved snack after going for a long walk down history lane and taking in a lot of information. We stopped for a ‘Currywurst’ at the ‘Bude’ located at the exremly busy
Checkpoint Charlie. There are of course numberless snack bars, but it might be worth your time to head to one of the iconic ones. Those of you who are interested in learning more about the famous Currywurst, head to the Currywurstmuseum!
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German Spy Museum Berlin

Berlin – the Capitol of espionage! At least that is what the Website of the ‘German Spy Museum Berlin’ says. This museum might be a big hit on your visit to Berlin with Kids. Although it is quite
tough to get all the information about the pieces that are exhibited – you need to read everything and you need to read it fast as the text is shown on a monitor – it is a great place to explore not only for kids. You’ll learn about the work of spies and all the gadgets they used in the early days, from poisoned umbrellas to coins that hid small knives.
But the most fun part in the Spy Museum might be the Laser Course where you feel like James Bond managing to escape unnoticed. Level 4 is really tough!

Things to do in Berlin with kids

Museum of Technology Berlin

The Museum of Technology is perfect for a visit with kids. Vintage trains, old ships and many personal stories captured in audio records you can listen to all over the place.
But make sure you do not miss the outdoor area! The huge area offers a great mix of industrial sights, nature and lost places as it has been part of an old train station till the end of war. Since then,
nature did with it what it wanted, overgrew tracks and left trains to themselves transforming them it into a fantastic yet safe place to explore.
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Things to do in Berlin with kids

Park am Gleisdreieck

‘Park am Gleisdreieck’ is a peaceful oasis and a space for activities for all ages. It is located next to the Museum of Technology so it is convenient to plan the visits back to back. Being from Cologne I peered with envy on this park as it just has everything you need for a perfect day outside: great and yet challenging playgrounds, a cool skatepark and enough space to play football, have barbeque or just go for run for ages. Kids could go on a treasure hunt to look for all the hidden tracks mother nature hides now.

Things to do in Berlin with kids
Pizza Peppino

This is a personal recommendation for everyone staying at the Meininger Hotel Berlin Mitte arriving late or traveler, who are not on the hunt for the most amazing and hip food spots. I love to
explore sights for hours, but like to take it easy when it comes to dining. A cozy place offering a decent dinner for a great price? Count me in!
Right around the corner of the Meininger Hotel we stumbled upon Pizza Peppino and although it was quite late we were let in and took a seat in the cozy little restaurant. We ordered Pizza, grabbed a drink from the fridge and enjoyed the evening before we headed back. The Pizza was just delicious!
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Here you can find more hotels in Berlin.

Visiting Berlin soon?

Visiting Berlin soon?

Berlin has so many wonderful places to visit and there is a MEININGER hotel at 6 of the hotspots. 6 Berlin Hotels: Right in the center near Alexanderplatz, at the East Side Gallery, at Central Station, Schönefeld airport and Tiergarten.

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