Tourist in Berlin During COVID-19

How is it being a tourist in Berlin during COVID-19?

Summer has arrived in Berlin and brought plenty of sunshineit would be just wrong not to use that beautiful weather and spenyour time outside. You will definitely not be bored as a tourist in Berlin during COVID-19, there are still plenty of activities you can do, keep reading and find out!

The coronavirus in Berlin did not change the positive attitude of the Berliners. Compared to other major cities in Europe, Berliners are actually pretty lucky when it comes to government restrictions during coronavirusThey are now allowed to spend time outdoors in small groups of friends (up to 5 households)with keeping the safety distance from each other of course. Also hotels, shops, restaurants and museums started re-opening. The restaurants in Berlin have faced this situation with a great spirit of adaptation and creativity, promoting and offering takeaways and deliveries. 

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19

How do Berliners deal with COVID-19 and how a tourist in Berlin during COVID-19 should adapt its travel habits? 

One of the hardest things for many Berliners and true  club fans must be that the entire clubbing scene is closed at the moment. Good alternative for hanging with friends and dancing? You can always meet few of your friends in one of the many parks or lakes, have a picnic, put on good music and watch the sunset (Berlin has pretty amazing sunsets during summer and loooong days too), but  remember to keep save distance to others.

*If you are using a public transport, going shopping, visiting museums, basically going anywhere indoor, put your mask on. Without your mask you will not be able to enter these places. 

Berlin food scene is pretty amazing, it would be a shame not to treat yourself with some delicious food when visiting. Some restaurants are open and you can actually eat in, but due to the coronavirus and safe distance, number of sitting places is restrictedalways check their websites or social media channels to see how are they handling their services during these times, maybe you will need to book a table. Most of the restaurants, coffee places and bars are offering takeaways anyway, grab food and find a free spot in a nearby park, it’s a pretty nice alternative to the seating in the restaurant considering the amazing weather in Berlin.  

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19

REMINDER – Wherever you go or do you should have few things on your mind: 

#1 Want to say hi to your friends? Elbow shake is the new hand shake, this is how we say hi to friends in Berlin now! 

#2 Always, always take your mask with you. You never know when you will need it! 

#3 You should always have a hand sanitizer with you too, we all know how crucial is to wash and sanitize your hands as often as possible. 

#4 Please maintain the minimum distance of 1.5m.

#5 If possible, use your credit card for payments. If you are planning to visit museums check if you can buy tickets online, most of the museums have that possibility, it will save you time and unnecessary contacts with other persons. 

What we recommend you to do as a tourist in Berlin during COVID-19: 


One of the Berliners’ favorite activities is to go to Lake Weissensee and spend a quiet afternoon in a good company. Sitting by the lake, drinking beer or taking a swim are some of the favorite activities. 

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19


Kreuzberg is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods where you can spend sunny days, as well as one of the liveliest neighborhoods. In the district of Kreuzberg you will find few canals, around these canals you can find the various bars that offer fresh drinks you can enjoy on the banks next to the water.

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19   


The Tempelhof park is one of the most suggestive, thanks to its history. An airport closed in 2008, whose runways are now perfect for sport activities: cycling, skating, skateboarding, running, etc. For those who just want to relax, there are green areas and cute gardens where Berliners can grow their veggies. 

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19 


Treptower park is one of the largest parks in Berlin and has many paths surrounded by greenery, there is no a better thing then cycling there during the spring and summer, except you are suffering from the allergies (so much greeeen). In the park you will find a small island on the lake, the Insel der Jugend (“youth island”), which you can reach by the Abteibrücke bridge, an ornamental bridge built in 1916 by prisoners of the war. There are several stands next to the the river which offer beers, spritzes, ice cream and many other snacks. 

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19


One of the most impressive activities in spring and summer is the boat ride on Landwehrkanal, the same that crosses the district of Kreuzberg. Many Berliners own small boats (canoes or rafts) so they can enjoy Berlin from another perspective during spring and summer. Floating trough the Berlin canals & sunbathing is super relaxing. 

Tourist in Berlin during COVID-19

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