Leipzig with Kids in Winter

Discover the Winter Wonderland of Leipzig with Kids

Leipzig with Kids in Winter is a magical experience for the whole family. With its stunning architecture, charming cafes and rich history, the city offers endless possibilities for kids and adults alike. From indoor play areas to outdoor winter activities, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant German city.

If you know Leipzig you know that this city is a visitor magnet not only in the summer. Even when the bathing lakes are frozen over and the meadows in the park are covered with snow, Leipzig offers a great variety of ways to brighten up a dull winter’s day with a child in tow.

The following tips tell you all about Leipzig’s favorite winter hot spots for families 👇

#1: Leipzig wildlife park

Prick your ears, the wildlife park is calling! Who has the best nose in the forest? Who can identify the animal tracks in the snow? Bunny, deer, wild boar or stag – in Leipzig’s wildlife park you can experience the animals close up. Wrap up warm and wear sturdy shoes, and follow the tracks to find the secret hiding places of the forest dwellers. Get a packet of wild animal feed from the machine and you will be amazed at how close you can get to most of the animals.

#2: Leipzig Zoo: Long necks, wild patterns: the African savannah


If you don’t want to go all the way to Connewitz to look at animals, you can lay in wait in the zoo window in the Rosenthal valley instead. Located fairly centrally in Leipzig’s city centre, here you can experience the African savannah – one of the centrepieces of Leipzig’s popular zoo. While you won’t be able to enjoy the best vantage points without paying the admission fee, the giraffes, antelopes and zebras are still a wonderful sight from 100 metres away.

The Leipzig Zoo, is a must-visit for families with kids! With over 6,000 animals, the zoo is one of the largest in Europe and has something to offer for everyone. From exotic birds to rare animals, there’s always something new to discover. The indoor area is particularly popular in winter, where you can see animals such as polar bears, elephants and gorillas up close.

#3: When it gets dark …. children’s concerts in Leipzig!

Get out your torches and sing along. The children’s band Rumpelstiel regularly performs its legendary torch concert playing new and familiar tunes. Old and young are invited to gather under the night sky at Leipzig’s Parkbühne stage at Geyserhaus armed with cosy blankets and torches to transform the stage into a vast sea of ​​lights as soon as twilight falls.

#4: Loud, wild & danceable: Julianes wilde Bande

There is plenty of grooving to do at the children’s concert at Werk 2 with Juliane and her wild and crazy band of musicians. A little jazz, a sensitive voice and a discerning sense of atmosphere means that the little children’s concerts are regular highlights in the world of children. So shake it all out – because now we’re DANCING!

#5: Leipzig’s dreams of ice

Since Leipzig does not currently have a proper winter sports hall, the city has come up with 2 surprising things. There is now an artificial ice rink on Leipzig’s Marktplatz square and one outside the Paunsdorf Centre. And as if that were not enough, until March there is a 36-metre-high fun slide with four exciting lanes outside the opera.

#6: High, higher, bouncy castle days

Heated and plump, the children’s tour now takes you to Leipzig’s bouncy castle days – they take place regularly and are great fun for kids. Bouncy castle slides, trampolines, climbing courses and inflatable adventure worlds – about once a month the Agra event area in Leipzig turns into heaven on earth for families.

#7: Games festival in Leipzig’s town hall

Once a year, in the middle of winter, Leipzig’s town hall sees a huge influx of families and their children. And not without reason: every year at the beginning of the winter holidays more than 60 games stands showcasing some 800 different types of game are set up. There is plenty to discover, explore and conquer: board games, sports games, adventure games, handicraft, fairy tale readings, theatre performances and lots more.

Leipzig with Kids in Winter

#8: Going shopping with child & a good mood

You think that’s not possible? Then try a little detour to Höfe am Brühl. Here you can not only find well-known fashion boutiques, but also many different children’s activities. If your little ones are big enough, then the free children’s cinema is a great place to wait for mum’s return. Other great options include the bright yellow Lego store and the array of small rides.

#9: Children’s shops, ice cream & cupcakes

Children’s shops always do well. And Leipzig has lots of really great ones. Above all there is the popular children’s play and fashion boutique Milch & Honig, but Leipzig also has several children’s flea markets as well as sweetie shops.

And at the end of it all, at TONI’S handmade organic ice cream you will be treated to a big scoop of organic strawberry and lavender ice cream. Or pop into the cupcake bakery at Marshall’s Mum instead.

 Leipzig with Kids in Winter

#10: Leipzig Aquarium

Leipzig Aquarium is another great indoor attraction for kids. With its beautiful collection of fish, reptiles and mammals, it’s a fascinating place to explore. The aquarium also offers a variety of hands-on activities, including touch tanks and interactive displays, making it a great place to spend a day with the family.


With such a busy schedule and many inspirations when in Leipzig with kids in winter, the summer will probably be back before you have tried it all. And by then there will be many other attractions waiting for the little ones in Leipzig. And they will prick up their ears when they hear the words: Hörspielsommer (audio drama summer festival), soapbox derby, park railway and mini trade fair …

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