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Staff Tips from Andrea Suske: Working at MEININGER

What’s your name, and what is your job at MEININGER?

My name is Andrea Suske, and I am a Junior Operations Manager in Leipzig hotel. We are opening on 1 April 2017. No, that’s not an April fool 🙂

Let me describe my daily working routine and answer all your questions about working at MEININGER Hotels.

 Staff Tips Leipzig

What is the most common question guests ask you?

What is the most common question? I will be able to tell you at the end of April. I expect there will be many questions about MEININGER and Leipzig.

What is typical for Leipzig for you?

For me, Leipzig is a city of diversity. You can go shopping all day long like in any big city, but you can also go for long walks in the woods and feel like you’re in the country. I think Leipzig offers a great quality of life.

 Staff Tips Leipzig

What should you experience in the city?

That’s a good question… It might sound a bit clichéd, but: the zoo is always worth a visit. I have an annual pass myself. To recharge your batteries after a visit to the zoo, I recommend popping into one of the many bars or cafés. They serve local specialities and you can enjoy the Leipzig lifestyle.

What is your insider tip for Leipzig?

Having breakfast with friends on a beautiful sunny morning at Café Maitre and then going for a walk on Fockeberg mountain. The views from there are really beautiful and it costs you nothing except a little climb. Alternatively, you can take a walk in the game park. It’s free, and some animals are so tame that you can almost pet them. I would also recommend taking a trip to the Kiesgrube in Kleinpößna. I will be happy to give our guests more tips when they get here 🙂

Staff Tips Leipzig

Visiting Leipzig soon?

MEININGER Hotel Leipzig Central Station is based in the beating heart of Saxon City. The impressive central train station behind the hotel is less than 300 meters away. Guests can walk to the popular shopping area surrounding the historical marketplace within a few minutes.

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