Nine for nine: Travel Guide for Germany’s 9-euro ticket

The 9-euro ticket allows you to travel through the whole of Germany during the summer months for only €9.

We encourage you to seize this amazing opportunity and discover as many new places as possible in Germany this summer.  

Wondering how exactly does the 9-euro ticket work and what are the best routes to explore all major German cities? For this purpose, MEININGER Hotels has created a special travel guide to facilitate your planning!

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The MEININGER Travel Guide for the 9-Euro Ticket in Germany 
MEININGER cities you can visit with the 9-euro ticket

Everything you need to know about Germany’s 9-euro ticket 

With the 9-euro ticket, you can use the local and regional public transport anywhere in Germany. The offer is valid for the months of June, July and August and anyone can book it – locals and travelers alike. It’s a delight not only for commuters but also for adventurers who are eager to explore interesting cities on a low budget. Every ticket is valid for the calendar month you bought it for. 

The German government created the 9-euro ticket as part of a financial relief package. Its goal is to help citizens deal with the increased fuel and energy prices. At the same time, it aims to motivate them to reduce the environmental impact by using their cars less. 

Where can you buy Germany’s 9-euro ticket? 

You can already purchase the 9-euro ticket at any ticket machine or counter, as well as through your local public transport website and mobile app. It’s also available on Deutsche Bahn’s official website and through its mobile application DB Navigator

How does the 9-euro ticket work in Germany? 

Each ticket is valid for the calendar month you bought it for, regardless of whether you purchased it at the beginning or end of the month. You don’t need to validate the ticket—it expires automatically when the month is over. 

You can use the ticket in all forms of local and regional transportation in Germany. That includes buses, U-Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, and local and regional trains. The ticket is valid in every federal state, it doesn’t matter where you bought it from. That sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it?  

However, even this special ticket has a few restrictions. You cannot use it for EC, IC and ICE, which are faster than the regional trains. It also doesn’t grant you access to first-class on regional trains, nor does it cover additional fees for bikes or pets. But don’t let these few limitations discourage you. We still think that exploring Germany for €9 is totally worth it! 

How can you make the most of the 9-euro ticket for your next city trip? 

We’ve created a MEININGER travel guide to show you how to get the most out of it. For 9 euros to 9 beautiful cities: whether Bremen or Munich, Berlin or Heidelberg. Within walking distance to relevant train stations, MEININGER Hotels are the perfect starting point for the adventure of discovering Germany’s cities. Are Berliners and Munichers really that different, or is Leipzig’s youthful atmosphere going to inspire you to study there as well perhaps? Now’s your chance to find out! 

Grab your 9-euro ticket, pack your backpack and off you go on your trip through Germany (and a bit of Austria).  

# Option 1: Bremen – Hamburg – Berlin – Leipzig – Dresden 

The MEININGER Travel Guide for the 9-Euro Ticket in Germany 

Discover Germany’s two biggest port cities – Bremen and Hamburg – before you head to multicultural Berlin. Next, enjoy the charm of Leipzig and dive into the history of Dresden. 

# Option 2: Frankfurt – Heidelberg – Munich – Salzburg 

The MEININGER Travel Guide for the 9-Euro Ticket in Germany 

Visit Frankfurt am Main, the busiest airport city in Germany, then head to the calm and picturesque Heidelberg. Explore the rich culture of Munich and finally make your way to Salzburg if you want to see a bit of Austria too. 

# Option 3: For long-distance lovers 

The MEININGER Travel Guide for the 9-Euro Ticket in Germany 

If you don’t mind long hours of traveling and take a certain pleasure in the calmness that only looking out of a train’s window can bring, we recommend trying out these long-distance routes: From Hamburg to Munich, Berlin to Frankfurt or Bremen to Salzburg. 

Visiting Berlin soon?

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