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We are a pet-friendly hotel chain


Here, all pets are VIPs

Our paw-licy?

Why leave your adorable pets home alone when they can join you for a fantastic holiday? MEININGER Hotels are 100% dog-friendly and cat-friendly—in fact, we're so pet-friendly that we always treat your furry pals like VIPets!

Family comes in all shapes and sizes, including furry friends. That's why MEININGER Hotels is more than a pet-friendly hotel chain, it's a pet-welcoming one!

How do I book a pet-friendly room?

You can always B.Y.O.P.: Bring Your Own Pet

Booking a room for your pet at MEININGER Hotels is as easy as... a walk in the park! 

  • Choose a private room and during the "extras" step, add the “Pets” option to your reservation
  • It's only €15 per pet per day.

Friendly reminder: shared rooms & breakfast areas are pet-free zones.

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Travelling with a pet?
Private rooms
Seeking the purr-fect stay? We'll let the cat out of the bag... Book a private room with us and enjoy catnaps and cozy snuggling sessions with your furry friend.
Why leave your cute pets alone back home when they can stay with you during your holidays? For just a small daily fee, you can bring them to MEININGER Hotels where we're 100% pet-friendly.
15.00 € per night
Shared rooms
Pets aren't allowed in shared rooms, but you know what they say: "every dog has its day"! Book a private room instead and enjoy quality time with your pet.

Your pet stories

Our Pet-Friendly Hotel | General
MEININGER Hotels - 🐕 Making Travel Comfortable for You and Your Pets!
We Are a Pet-Friendly Hotel at MEININGER Hotels 🐕
MEININGER Hotels 🐕 Pets are welcome!

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Woof, meow, and yes! All MEININGER hotels welcome your lovely pets (cats or dogs) in private rooms. This doesn't apply to shared rooms.
It's a piece of cake! Book your private room online, and when choosing extras, select our B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pet) option.
For just a small daily fee of €15 per pet, you can cozy up with your pet in a private room. Sounds... paw-tastic, right?
Your furry friend needs to stick by your side during your entire stay. We don't provide pet-care services, and your pet can't hang out alone in the room. Here, it's all about togetherness!
Of course! Feel free to have your pet with you in your private room and other public areas. But, our breakfast rooms are off-limits for your furry pals.
Absolutely! You can bring more than 1 pet with you in private rooms only. Also, keep in mind there's a €15 charge per pet per day.

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