menininger hotel in geneva

Only Vienna can be this magnificent! And only MEININGER can be so central!

Even today Vienna is filled with the splendour of imperial highness. The MEININGER hotels Franz and Sissi in the 2nd District are just as splendid. The MEININGER hotel at the Central Station is less feudal, but just as comfortable.

The central location and the excellent transport connections of the three hotels make them the ideal starting point for every tour group exploring historic Vienna.

The reception at MEININGER is open 24 hours for backpackers enjoying the night life of Vienna. But you can’t be too careful, so the only party people who come into the hotel are the ones with a keycard to open the doors.

Families also have a good time at MEININGER: The little ones play in the game zone while the parents send emails and holiday photos to the grandparents using the free WiFi.

After a long day, business travellers enjoy a drink at the bar before they retire to their quiet single room. And all the while the company car is parked safely in the hotel’s car park.

Hungry school students look forward to the well balanced breakfast buffet and the packed lunches that keep them sustained during the daily schedule on the class trip.

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