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Here are our Talent team's special tips to make your application stand out.

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  1. Submit your CV & noteworthy certificates combined in 1 PDF.
  2. Highlight your experience & skills—they're way more important to us than your picture, age, gender, religion or family status.
  3. Be specific about your skills: e.g., English (intermediate), MS Excel (advanced).
  4. Let yourself shine: list 4-5 main responsibilities you had in each of your previous positions.
  5. Looking for a career change? We encourage you to apply for the position sparking your interest, even if you're unsure you check all the boxes—we still want to hear from you. Before hiring, we prioritize core qualifications and motivation.



Your CV is the first impression of you, so go ahead and show us what makes you one-of-a-kind!


Once you win us over, you can count on:





Everything around your application


Do I need to use any keywords in my CV?

Say goodbye to robots scanning for keywords, here! We want to see your unique personality and skills shine through your CV, so let them do the talking and show us why you're the perfect fit for our team.

Can I apply for 2 positions?

Technically speaking, it's possible, yes. From experience, though, we know that applying for 1 position is usually enough. If we see that another role fits your profile better, we'll recommend it to you.

Do I need to write a motivational letter?

Let's put it this way: we like them, but they're totally optional. If you decide to write one, we'd love to get to know you a bit better, so keep it short and tell us:

1. Why are you applying for this position?
2. What are you expecting from it?
3. Why will you be good at it?



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