Mindful by nature

When we travel, we leave a footprint

Traveling broadens our horizons via getting to know new places, cultures and people. It also comes with great responsibility. We want to contribute to this notion by continuously improving our ecological and social impact when hosting our guests—wherever possible. Our maxim: Mindful by nature.

Through our corporate actions we want to contribute to a more environmentally and socially responsible world in the interests of the future generations. Together, with our employees, guests and business partners we are on a journey to identify solutions and develop impactful measures.


Sustainability program

As a company, MEININGER Hotels has strategically integrated sustainability into its business operations. We are currently working upon a sustainability program which we monitor and annually adapt. In the past, we have taken numerous initiatives, such as avoiding single-use plastic and continuously reducing waste. We have improved recycling streams, supported biodiversity via keeping beehives, and achieved hundreds of corporate volunteering hours with local organizations and partners.

At the beginning of 2022, we conducted an analysis with relevant stakeholders in order to evaluate the most important issues for our hotel group in the fields of the environment, society and corporate governance. Focus areas that resulted from it:

  • energy, water, waste and recycling
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • mobility
  • diversity, inclusion and equity
  • health and safety
  • work-life balance & employee well-being
  • fair remuneration
  • responsible suppliers’ management and local sourcing
  • cyber security
  • transparency, dialogue and credibility
  • innovation

Sustainability governance at MEININGER Hotels

Corporate social responsibility has been essential since MEININGER Hotels’ incorporation. This is reflected upon our core values as well as our guiding principles.

In 2019, we established our Sustainability Team who has been closely working with units throughout the company in order to spread the notion of sustainability since then.

Our employees are simultaneously initiators and supporters. We give them the opportunity to submit ideas, participate in our many sustainability initiatives and corporate volunteering activities.


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